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A few bugs/issues in ME

I record my 5 1/2 hour residency sets (four 60 minute recordings, one hour & a 1/2 recording), I've noticed a few issues repeatedly, a few sporadically.

1)I notice when I render my videos as I recorded them with my DJ name in a 'rotating' overlay, it doesn't display it thru the entire recording playback. Part one overlay stops at 15 seconds, Part two at 20 seconds, part five at 1 minute 30 seconds, etc. I am positive it is displaying through my whole performance. This happens often.

2) Last gig, I noticed that one video has no display, just a black screen and audio after rendering. I checked my Serato history just to confirm that I was playing an actual video, and I was.

3) Occasionally I notice that both turntables will display on my TV's, even if my fader is hard left or right. I thought it may be something in my crossfader on my Vestax 380, but it also happens when I am using my Rane 68 with CDJ's. Its like I'm playing turntable one, but the display will be split screen (it almost always appears as split screen) showing turntable two simultaneously as I'm cueing up. The only remedy seems to be loading up the same video on both turntables and then ejecting out of one. Then it appears to go to one screen after like 30 seconds. This may happen every gig. I am not always looking at my tv's, but I have noticed it happen many times.

4) This is probably an error on my part, but just sharing: Last gig early night I was moving my controller about 5 minutes in and lost audio. I heard a 'pop', and I am assuming I may have unplugged a usb or power cord. At the time I thought I may have unplugged my hard drive and would get the pin wheel on Serato (as normally happens), but I wound up just pressing 'play' on my controller and resuming. Mis Emergency was still recording, so I left it alone and stopped the recording at 60 minutes. I had a killer set and was looking forward to playing it back! Unfortunately, the audio stopped at the 5 minute mark. The weird thing is when I rendered the recording, Mix Emergency did in fact 'record' for 60 minutes, but the video and audio stopped at 60 minutes...From 5 minutes on I just had a black screen. I would think if I unplugged usb or controller power that Mix Emergency would stop, but I guess not. Let me add that I do have Serato DJ Pro and the 'Serato Play' plug in enabled to play offline as well. I believe I was using Serato version 2.2.0 at the time.


  • And to add, I'm exporting at 640 x 360 (16:9), Scaling to fit, Channels Mix (Default), using frame blending, all 3 checked in 'overlays', preset custom probably at fastest audio/video in Quicktime Movie, and my audio files have varied from .wav to apple lossless.

  • Hi - that's a lot of issues to get through.

    1) Are you using the Image Overlay feature for this?

    2) Can you try exporting this mix with the public beta version of MixEmergency 3.3? There have been a number of improvements regarding video playback during export.

    3) My first guess is that you might be using one of the transitions that are designed to do this (such as Two Up SE). These are more suited to scratching and beat juggling than mixing.

    4) It certainly sounds as though your controller has been disconnected - and that would likely cause the audio in MixEmergency to stop recording the audio (which at the very least will be logged in MixEmergency's log file). It's likely reporting the mix to be 60 minutes long because the video portion of your recording continued.

  • 1) yup
    2) I'll give it a go, just a little hesitant using the beta @ my residency. I'll try to give it a lengthy try late night in the lab.
    3) Thx! I will uncheck it!!
    4) That's what I assumed. Thx again!

  • You can always use both versions - version 3.2 for playing live/recording, and the version 3.3 beta just for exporting.

  • Thx Nick! I'll try it that way Friday.

  • I exported with the ME beta, and my Rotating overlay still stopped around 8m30sec.

  • Did anything else occur at this moment? I'm wondering if a video, effect, or transition might've become enabled.

  • I am 100% positive that while I’m playing live the overlay is displayed. It’s only omit in the rendering. I can try another overlay to see if it’s only the rotating one. I’m going to go back thru my old recordings and double check also. I do keep ‘random transitions’ checked.

  • I would be interesting to know which transition is applied just after this occurs (you'll see it when the following video transitions).

  • It cut off on August 23rd Part 1, but played all thru August 23rd part 3. You can just fast forward to see where it stops, but it doesn't look like it stops anywhere near a transition.

  • It's not that the transition is close, I'm just wondering what the next transition was (as it'll be loaded when you load a new track). The next transition here was Smash SE 2. Do you have another example uploaded where this occurs? I've attempted to recreate this, but have been unable to do so.

    The other thing that I've seen cause issues before is when using software to create separate displays, or possibly when the computer goes to sleep while rendering.

  • You can just fast forward thru the videos on my vimeo page and see when the overlay stops. Most of the time it stops around 12 minutes, and rarely during a transition.

  • Does your computer's display go to sleep, or something like this, around that time? It seems odd that it's always around 12 minutes.

  • Computer/Display never goes to sleep, and obviously I use an external display at the club via display out port. Its not always 12 minutes, but if it cuts off thats the max it'll play. Note that in my 5 1/2 hour set, I stop and start a new recording at 60 minutes, and the last hour and a half I'll let it run for 1.5 hours. Sometimes the overlay plays all the way thru, but most often it does not. Sometimes I play with a Rane 68, sometimes a Vestax 380. It happens with both.

  • I'm still having freezing upon rendering with

  • After rendering five 60 mine videos using 3.20, My overlay played all the way thru in my part 1 and part 2 videos, stopped at 2 minutes 30sec on part 3, stopped 55 minutes in part 4, and stopped at 20 minutes on part 5. It's not happening during a transition either, just a video playing.

  • Are you able to upload the MixEmergencyPerformance files (of the 3 that have issues) somewhere for me to download and have a look at?

  • I sent you an invite with dropbox that contains the files.

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