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Problem loading effects when connected to Rane Twelve

Has anyone had an issue loading effects in ME when connected to a Rane Twelve? It may even be loading the effects and then ejecting them super quick.

I normally run Me 3.2, but also tested this issue with previous version and the new beta version and it didn't solve the issue. I have also tested it with Serato DJ Pro closed. It does load the effects when not connected to any hardware or when connected to Rane 72 only.

I did have one strange session where it would load the effects in the right or left deck of ME successfully, but not the middle. Then the next session it was back to not loading them in either left, middle, or right.


  • Figured it out. It was a midi conflict. I had previously midi mapped the effects on the presets. One of those I set to empty(or left on empty) to have the ability to eject an effect. So it was indeed loading the effects and then the midi conflict caused it to empty immediately.

  • I've just replied to your email about this and then seen your post on here :)

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