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Can't authorize new install on new laptop

Got this message with installing newest version on a new laptop.

Unable to complete authorization as you have 0 authorizations remaining. (Code: 2)


  • I've look up your authorisations and you currently have 2 computers authorised. If you don’t have sufficient authorisation remaining, you will need to deauthorise one of your older computers.

    To deauthorise MixEmergency:

    1) Make sure that the computer that you wish to deauthorise is connected to the internet.
    2) Launch MixEmergency on that computer.
    3) In the menubar, select “MIxEmergency”, then “Authorise…”.
    4) On the Authorisation window that opens, push the “Deauthorise” button.

  • I figured that was the case. One my laptops was being replaced with the new one. After I posted this, I knew that was the issue. I was able to deauthorize it from the old one and get the new one going!
    Thanks again Nick!

  • Cool - glad to hear that you got it working. Let me know if you need any further help with this.

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