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Feature Request: "Track selection"

edited January 2011 in Tonetable
Hi there!

Tonetable is a really great app, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add another feature that helps controlling MixVibes (and most-likely other digital vinyl systems) easier.

On MixVibes timecode vinyls there is an extra track for track selection. When you play this track on your turntable, you can scroll through your music library/playlist by scratching forward or backward.
Maybe you can add some kind of "track select" toggle mode where the timecode signal on the Tonetable deck is replaced with the special "track select" signal? That would make the app even more useful for me, as I do not have to touch my laptop anymore (except for additions to my playlist). :-)


  • edited 8:57PM
    I like the idea.

    This might be possible is we allow users to load a time-coded audio file. At the moment we don't modulate our control signal with any timecode though, so it is unable to signal to the DJ software that it is in the track selection part of the vinyl.
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