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Transitions not smooth

edited April 23 in MixEmergency

Hey guys.. hopefully this is an easy fix someone can help me with. But when I transition from track to track with my fader, the videos are not smooth. They are extremely glitchy, jittery, jumpy. Sorry I don’t know the correct term lol. I’ve always had this issue since day one, just coming around to see if there is a fix for this. I’m using a MacBook Pro 2016 i7 16GB ram 500 SSD. Yes everything is updated.


  • Does this only occur when you transition? And does it matter which transition you're using in MixEmergency?

    Would it be possible for you to email me your MixEmergency log file? You can find this at the following path:


    (where ~ is your user/home folder)

    You can email this to

  • Yes, this only occurs when I transition. Everything else works fine, I know I can adjust the quality if there is too much load on my CPU but even at the lowest setting my transitions still are jittery. It doesnt matter which transition I am using. They are all the same. I just emailed you the log right now.

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