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Hey,so recently i was just trying new videos on mix emergency as i played them on serato dj and after a while serato started displaying "error loading MIDI xml" and i now can't play no videos as it displays this message everytime i try to play via serato though even without serato it doesn't display videos.What could be the problem?


  • Ah, yes, you're the guy using someone else's authorisation code for MixEmergency and now wanting me to spend time providing support for you... great. If you want help, buy MixEmergency here:

  • wait,what???so now you're sure am using someone's code??how on earth could you be so judgemental,that's very rude am sure but thanks for the 'help'.

  • Yes, I'm certain. I have proof in an email that you sent me last year which shows that you're using an old authorisation code that has been shared many times over. I'm sorry if you, and the 50+ other DJs who are using the same code, think that is "very rude" not to help you.

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