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2 Questions - Transfer settings to a new laptop and OBS Syphon related

hello @Nick

  1. How can i transfer my settings from one mac to another? I'm talking everything from midi presets to how i have everything set up on the old laptop. It will be a time saving if mix emergency can also gather all media files (sampler, media bank etc) and just deploy in the new computer

  2. With regards to syphon, i noticed when using OBS if i don't have the output window in ME full screen, the syphon feed in OBS is blurry (poor quality). Is this how syphon works?

Many Thanks


    1. Copy across the folder:


    That contains most of your settings. You'll also want to make sure that any media files that you've used in the Sample Player, etc, are still at the same path on the new computer as the old computer.

    You can also copy across some of the prefernces not stored there using the following commands in the Terminal application.

    To save them to a file on the Desktop:

    defaults export com.inklen.MixEmergency ~/Desktop/MixEmergencyPreferences.plist

    To load them from the same file:

    defaults import com.inklen.MixEmergency ~/Desktop/MixEmergencyPreferences.plist

    You'll need to copy the file that is created on your Desktop to your new computer.

    1. The Syphon output is sent at the same dimensions as MixEmergency's output. You could use the Advanced Output settings (in MixEmergency's Preferences) to set the pipeline size dimensions to something higher than the output.
  • Hi @Nick I have the same question. I copied across the "contents" folder and most of the settings are OK. However, I had to manually export and then import the FX Sequencer presets. Once I did all of these, I noticed the actual programed sequence was still blank. How can I get that? I actually want ALL my presets copied over. Transitions, media bank, etc. Everything. How? thanks man!

  • I've replied to your email.

    All of these presets are stored within the MixEmergency folder at:


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