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ME as NDI source in Streamlabs OBS

I have a macbook pro running Serato DJ Pro and a windows 10 MSI Gaming laptop to live stream using Streamlabs OBS. (NOTE: currently, my windows laptop is wired, and the macbook is wireless until i can get a usb-c-to-ethernet adapter)

I downloaded the ME demo to see if the following works:

  • take the ME video output from serato as and NDI source input on Streamlabs OBS (i'm doing this so i can make the ME video as my background during my DJ livestream)

what i am seeing is that the video from one serato dj channel shows up on streamlabs, but when i fade to the other channel, the video doesn't show up on streamlabs. other times, no video shows up at all.

Given that i initially saw video tells me that NDI source works, but I am wondering if there is some setting on ME that i'm missing. The only thind I did was to go into ME preferences and selected the main output.

Any help would be appreciated.

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