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ME and Quartz compositions

I am new to ME and just purchased the license. I am trying to use it with Serato. My question is the following... with Serato video expansion pack, i was able to download free content linked from the Serato page. One particular free content is Quartz compositions which you can find here:

Is it possible to use these with ME?

my setup is the following.. i have one macbook (laptop 1) running serato and ME which sends video via NDI to another streaming macbook (laptop 2) using OBS.

when i select the quartz composition (like the one that shows the artist for the song) as a video for one of the serato tracks, the serato video window shows it correctly on laptop 1, but the ME window on laptop 1 is blank (all black) and obviously, the streaming laptop also sees all black.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • Anyone? Thanks.

  • Serato Video uses a slightly different system for their Quartz Composition inputs. Because of this, it's not possible to use them with MixEmergency (depending on what the published inputs are that the composition uses).

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