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Denon Prime and Mixemergency 🚨

edited August 2020 in MixEmergency

Hello @Nick

Do you see a way standalone players that play MP4 videos can be integrated with mixemergency or a similar future product.

I’m imagining the players pushing the videos via their Ethernet port to the laptop.

The mixer is also Ethernet connected to laptop so every EQ knob, Beat FX, Wash FX etc is auto mapped to visual effects.

The players are assigned to player 1 and 2 in the software.

Will be interested in your thoughts. The juice may not be worth the squeeze.

The primes currently support Resolume Arena but I think one has to plan the entire set. You have to load the videos into resolume separately. I’m not sure but one may also need to associate the playing track on the player with the accompanying video in Resolume. This may be more suitable for big productions.


  • It's interesting, but not something that I think would be possible with MixEmergency (not without major changes to MixEmergency,the hardware, and support from the makers of the hardware).

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