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ME causes Serato Dj Pro to lag and stutter

edited August 2020 in MixEmergency

Everytime I turn on ME, serato starts lagging and stuttering to the point where I have no control of the tracks anymore and sometimes Video freezes up. Serato works fine just playing mp3s but not videos. What can I do to fix this?


  • This sort of thing can be a little hard to diagnose sometimes. What're the specs of your computer?

    Are you able to watch the CPU panel of the Activity Monitor Application and see what is using your CPU during this stuttering?

    Are you able to monitor the temperature of your computer? Often it can help to make sure that your fans aren't blocked:

  • MacBook Pro 2015. 16gb 512 SSD Mojave OS.
    My Mac isn't heating up at all. its fairly new with nothing installed on it but Serato, ME and OBS along with all the default apps.

    Activity Monitor shows 12% cpu usage. Not really sure what else to look for.

  • Are you using the most recent version of MixEmergency? And are you also streaming with OBS when this occurs?

  • I’m using ME 3. No I’m not streaming when this occurs but it also happens when streaming so I tried without OBS and it still happens. The problem only starts when I open ME.

  • Perhaps you can email me (to: your MixEmergency log file? You can find the file at the following path:


    (where ~ is your user/home folder)

    Please be sure to also add a link to this discussion and the details of your setup so that I don't get it confused with other support cases.

  • Im not sure what's going on. I reinstalled everything and did a practice session with Serato and ME and I didn't have any issues. No lags or stutters. I will keep monitoring it and send you a log file if it happens again.

  • Not sure if this helps but I've had a similar problem when connecting to a 4k display. However, if I go to MixEmergency > Preferences > Display > Quality and drop that slider to 50%, that seems to take care of the problem for me. No worries, the reduction in image quality is hardly even noticeable. I hope this helps!

  • @VideoDJQ Thanks man. This helped me alot! I have been trying to figure this out for months. Now if I can just get the video signal on my NDI source of obs to match up with the one on my serato macbook, I'd be set. It's about a half second behind even though it's perfect on the serato machine.

  • I've had very similar problems as you when using ME and the BEST solution that worked for me was mounting a square AC plugged fan onto my Crane laptop stand. It REALLY works! Without the fan turned on, I had lag to the point where it just froze up. As soon as I turn the fan on I can VDJ with Mix Emergency all day.

  • @woodstock could you please send a picture of your crane + fan
    i would like to see that, as heat is a real problem in mac

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