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Is this possible... 2 NDI sources from one macbook to another macbook?

edited August 2020 in MixEmergency

I currently have a 2 macbook setup:
Macbook1 = serato DJ and ME
Macbook2 = OBS for streaming (with an NDI source to display the NDI input from Macbook1)

Serato DJ video is correctly sent by ME via NDI to Macbook2 and OBS correctly streams this. No problem.

What I would like is to also send another NDI "signal" from Macbook1.. like the song tile/artist or a video of a speaker that is beat synced with the song... over to Macbook2 for OBS to also display on the screen.

Is this possible? If so, any pointers on how to do it?

Sorry, if this is a basic question. I am new to ME.

Thanks in advance.


  • It's not possible from within MixEmergency to send extra NDI streams of what you're describing. Technically it is possible to to add the title/artist as a Quartz Composition overlay within MixEmergency, if you're familiar with creating Quartz Compositions.

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