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Midi Conflict

For a very long time, talking 5 years or more, I have had this particular midi conflict whenever I'm djing

The Left sided Hardware Parameter << and >> buttons always triggered my FX Bank 2 and 6.
I have had the same conflict using the following - Pioneer S9, S11, SR2 and Denon Sc5000 and 6000m.

Anytime I push those two buttons, a visual FX is triggered in ME

I have a separate Midi device for triggering the FX banks, Sequencer Banks. - I either use a Numark Orbit or Pioneer DJ Xp1

  1. i Tried picking another channel in ME after mapping but the mapped pad will not trigger the button

Pease advise!

I couldn't find this information in the manual


  • Fixed this by changing the midi channels of the numark orbit. its all channel 11 - 15 now and seems to be avoiding the S11 . I have pushed all the buttons on the 11 no clash.


    "Link with Audio button that can be used to link audio in the external control application with video or Quartz Compositions playing in MixEmergency"

    is this like linking audio with video in serato ie for audio only files and i want a specific video to playback every time. I know linked videos in Serato works in ME (as i have always done)

  • Glad you got it fixed. If you're not using any MIDI input from the mixer then you could also have disabled this completely from within the MIDI inputs drop-down menu on the main MIDI window (in the menubar, select Window, then MIDI).

    Yes, it's similar to the linking in Serato. It's better to link these via Serato DJ, however, as compatibility issues between Serato DJ and versions of Scratch Live can cause issues.

  • "versions of Scratch Live can cause issues."

    I dont use scratch live, i'm goin to test it out

    Is this the correct way -
    1. load a track in serato
    2. drag a visual to mixemergency deck
    3. click link with audio button

    and next time i load that track that visual will play automatically?

  • Yes, that's correct.

    What I meant by "versions of Scratch Live can cause issues" is that there have been changes in the way the Serato DJ and Scratch Live handle this over different versions of those applications. Some of them caused issues with MixEmergency's system, and currently it needs to be rewritten to be compatible with only the latest systems.

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