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edited February 2011 in Tonetable

I have connected tonetable to my SL3 box as shown and described in many youtube videos and on this forum as well. Still I have the same problem.

Tonetable will play the song at an irregular speed and instead of rewinding the track, it will just fast forward.

I checked my set up and noticed that I was not getting circles, just a diagonal line.

I double checked all my connections and messed around with the volume of my iphone as well as changing between phono and line input. Still no luck. I even bought a new mini jack to RCA cable for $25 and still no luck!

My SL3 is brand new, so I am worried that the box is broken itself.

Once again, I have tried to change the volume and have double checked my connections. I don't understand what the problem is here.



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    Hi Zan.

    Is the 1/8" connection on the cable to your iPad a stereo connection or a mono connection? From what you've described it sounds as though this is most likely the problem.

    If it is stereo, then I would try plugging in just one of the RCA connections at a time and seeing what these register as in Scratch Live.

    You can check out some scope views for Scratch Live in this support article:
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    Hi Nick,

    First off, thanks for getting back to me!

    I am pretty sure my cable is the right one. If not, that would be two companies that lied about what they sold me!

    When I plug in the right RCA from my iphone, Serato registers this as a vertical straight line i.e. the left channel is missing.

    When I plug in the left RCA from my iphone, I get a straight horizontal line - the right channel is missing.

    This would imply I have the correct cable right? The other problem might be my iphone. I have read that sometimes the signal from a turntable may be too low so is received by serato as mono. But I would find this highly unlikely in an Iphone!
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    Well, it seems as though you are getting signal from both channels - so I'm certain that it's not your SL3 that is the problem. It doesn't mean you have the correct cable though, as a mono cable would also do this.

    Does the 1/8" end look like this:

    or this:

    The first is a mono connection (it only has a single break along the metal part), while the second is a stereo connection (it has two breaks along the metal part - which is what you need).
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    Hi Nick,

    So after much fiddling I figured out the problem...

    My iphone was set to mono audio... i know, i'm a fucking retard!

    So now I have full control of my tracks in serato... but I have noticed that the tracking indicator (the grey bar above the playing deck) is always fully red while the mp3 is playing. It goes back down to grey when scratching or stopping tonetable.

    Furthermore, the system would only work with tonetable after I swapped the left RCA for the right and vice versa... weird huh?
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    Cool - good to hear you've got it sorted.

    The tracking indicator is expected to show as red when using Tonetable. It is red because Scratch Live is unable to read timecode from modulations in Tonetable's control signal (as Tonetable does not produce timecodes, but just enough control signal to allow for the interpretation of relative movement).

    Regarding the flipped RCA cables - there is a setting in Tonetable that allows you to reverse the control signal.
  • VjGVjG
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    Hello, friends I have exactly the same problem, I can count as Ipad to configure my sound output is STEREO?
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    Hi VjG. I'm not quite sure what you're having problems with - I don't think there is a mono setting for the iPad.... so your output should be stereo unless you're using a mono cable.
  • VjGVjG
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    Sincerely, The Cable connected if stereo, the problem I have is that there is formed a circle on the setup, but a bent line, and the dish will not turn back sounded just ahead. I tried disconnecting one channel, reversing the phase and I can not work properly,I read in forums that ipad played in mono, that's what I meant, please help me, I have a function of dj this weekend. Tancks
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    I had another look on the iPad, and it turns out that there is a setting that you can change if you go into:

    Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Mono Audio

    Just make sure that Mono Audio is set to off.
  • VjGVjG
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    WOW ... thank you very much ... IF now, works perfect! .. would be great if a future edition could overtake and stop the acetate with the fingertips as he did it in the technics.
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    I have conect ipad2+ tonetable + vestax vcm100 +tracktor and no run

    Insert the rca in the input vestax 1&2 but nothing

    Any frecuency? Any conection? Or any configuration ? I dont no

    Pelase need support !
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    And my cable is stereo conection, thanks
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    Do you have a Traktor Certified audio interface? (e.g. the Audio 8 or 4, etc) You need one of these to use the "Scratch" version of Traktor.
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    Nick thanks, yes i have v2 and 1 traktor

    control integrated sound card brings Maya

    also I have a Focusrite Saffire 6 usb card

    ideally work with vestax
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    Ok, but you need one of these audio interfaces if you wish to use the control tone/vinyl features of Traktor Scratch:
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    ok but the app store page of your product does not specify this!

    please descrive well your product or more people will be cheated

    my money away
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    something like

    only Traktor Certified audio interface (e.g. the Audio 8 or 4) !

    promise something that is not what you describe

    is charted
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    I'm sorry that you feel cheated.

    We do state in our minimum requirements for Tonetable that:

    "Several digital vinyl systems require specific hardware for control tone input. For example, the Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ for Traktor Scratch Pro."
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    ok type on the app store ! je
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