Quartz Compositions
  • Any one knows where to get new quatrz compositions. the one provided by mixemergency are getting old.
  • Second that.... I will pay for some good ones :)
  • What kind of compositions do you want???
  • Cool Visualizations that are triggered by the music.(music trigger is key). lots of cool patterns and shapes and colours.
  • Music Triggering is easy part. What you want the graphics to do or show is the harder part. there is alot of cool things you can do. But kinda depends on what you as the user wants to show to your crowd.
  • Well its just to entertain the people who are high and watching the screens. so pretty colors moving objects.
  • Also some day i would like to have a projector, aimed at the dance floor. so the projectors will be a light on the dance floor. so again colours and shapes and some black area's are good too.
  • ill have a look when at it once i finish my twitter feed
  • all good. and if you are good at doing these and would like to do some custome work for my i am willing to pay :)

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