Mixers that work with MixEmergency
  • Note: This is not a list of all mixers that will work with MixEmergency - only ones that users have tested and reported here.

    I thought I'd start this discussion due to the number of questions/e-mails I get about this topic. I'll also post mixers that are MIDI capable that may not work as expected with MixEmergency under the "MIXERS THAT ARE NOT RECOMMENDED" title.

    So, if possible, could you post:
    1. The mixer you're using.
    2. How the mixer connects to your computer (does it need a MIDI hub, or can it be connected via USB).
    3. If the mixer works well with MixEmergency (if not, what problems the mixer has).

    I'll edit/update this first post with all the info.

    If you're using Serato DJ, the mixers and controllers listed here should be compatible with MixEmergency:


    Mixers reported working by MixEmergency users:

    Allen & Heath Xone:92 (limited MIDI controls)
    Allen & Heath Xone:DB2
    Allen & Heath Xone:DB4

    American Audio 10 MXR
    American Audio 14 MXR

    Denon DN-X600
    Denon DN-X900 (when used with the DN-HC4500)
    - Connects via 1/8" plug stereo cable to the DN-HC4500, which then connects to your computer via USB.
    Denon DN-X1600
    Denon DN-X1700
    Denon MC6000

    Ecler EVO 5
    Ecler NUO 4

    Korg Zero 4
    Korg Zero 8

    Numark NS6

    Pioneer DJM 700
    Pioneer DJM 750
    Pioneer DJM 800
    Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus
    Pioneer DJM 900 SRT
    Pioneer DJM 1000
    Pioneer DJM 5000
    Pioneer DJM T1
    Pioneer SVM 1000
    - Requires a MIDI hub to connect to MixEmergency.

    Rane MP26
    Rane TTM 57SL
    - Connects via USB and is automatically mapped to MixEmergency.
    Rane Sixty-One
    Rane Sixty-Two
    Rane Sixty-Four
    Rane Sixty-Eight

    Vestax PMC-05ProIV
    Vestax VCI-380


    Behringer DDM 4000
    - This mixer is unable to control both audio and video with the crossfader.
  • denon dnx 900 ONLY WHEN USED WITH THE DNHC 4500. controller connects to laptop via usb and to mixer with a 1/8" stereo cable. WORKS WELL WITH MIX EMERGENCY.
  • Thanks. One question though. You're using the Denon DN-X900 (which doesn't have MIDI as far as I know) to mix the audio, and the DN-HC4500 (which does have MIDI) to control Scratch Live - what do you use to control/crossfade the video? Are you simple assigning one of the DN-HC4500's buttons to MixEmergency's autofade function?
  • I link the The DN-HC 4500 to the DNX-900 via a 1/8" plug stereo cable and i enable what denon calls fader start on the mixer, this in turn sends a signal to the DN-HC 4500 which from i understand converts it to a midi signal. I plug the DN-HC 4500 to my laptop via USB which in turn sends a midi signal to ME or i guess any midi reading device. The mixers design allows me to control either audio only, video only or both with the cross fader. The down side is that the cross fader is the only midi assignable portion of the mixer. It is still very good, and a good solution for the denon fan / mobile dj.
  • Ah, cool. Sounds like a good solution. Thanks for the clarification.
  • Ecler Nuo 4....Works like a Charm
  • Cool - thanks!
  • Just added the Korg Zero 4 and Korg Zero 8.
  • Would be great if someone could test the mackie d.2 pro (the new version) I heard the crossfader can send midi through fire on the back of the mixer
  • sorry new to this, so i have the djm800. what midi controller do i need to get the crossfader to work with my mixer?
  • To connect your DJM 800 to your computer you need a MIDI to USB device. There is a large range of MIDI to USB devices available. Some of the users on this forum have reported using:

    - Roland EDIROL UM-1EX
    - M-Audio USB Uno 1X1 (though some have had a problem with these units on Mac computers - but if you have a faulty one you should be able to return it for another)
  • I have the Rane TTM 56SL there is no plug for MIDI control. Any other alternatives?

    Also if I hook up to the Rane TTM 57SL will I be required to purchase the Rane Video SL software in order for the fader to work?
  • The Rane TTM57S does not support Scratch Live (i.e. you still need the SL 1 or SL 3 interface to run Scratch Live), and so we do not have access to the position of the faders. The only alternative would be to use a separate MIDI controller to control the faders/buttons of MixEmergency.

    You do not need to purchase Video-SL in order to use the faders of the Rane TTM 57SL with MixEmergency - we do recommend that you install the demo of Video-SL however (though this is not required to operate MixEmergency), as this is required to initially import videos into your Scratch Live library.
  • Not sure if this was covered previously but will Traktor software work with ME?
  • No it doesn't - currently ME only works with Scratch Live.
  • Are there any plans to make it compatible with Traktor or is that not feasible?
  • Currently there are no plans to make MixEmergency compatible with Traktor. As far as I'm aware you can't currently load video files into Traktor either.
  • It's not that we would not want MixEmergency to become compatible with Traktor - but more that it isn't really possible as far as I'm aware (to do so in a user-friendly manner at least).
  • i just bought the Behringer DDM-4000 - it is a mixer and midi controler and works a treat with Serato/ME in int mode.

    its only £280 and has lots of midi assignable buttons/knobs/sliders + x-fader.

    It does not have jog wheels, and the x-fader is midi or audio (not both at same time) but this is still better than a tacky dj midi controler with soundcard (these usually have v low quality output and probably cost more).

    Just for the record i have just returned the hercules RMX - It does not work with Serato on a mac and the support team do not offer help with serato products !! I found out the hard way !!
  • Yeah, the Behringer DDM-4000 is definitely an option - but, because you can't assign the audio and MIDI to the crossfader at the same time, it is not a mixer that we recommend for use with MixEmergency.
  • I have a TTM57SL and I can mix audio and visual at once with this.
    But what is the best sub controller to use full functional effect control?
  • The Korg nanoKONTROL seems to be a popular MIDI controller among users. I haven't tried one myself though.
  • any of the nano pads will work, anything basically midi capable will work.. as long as u can assign it. currently im using the akai lpd-8 and the pioneer 800
  • source : Yeah, the Behringer DDM-4000 is definitely an option - but, because you can't assign the audio and MIDI to the crossfader at the same time, it is not a mixer that we recommend for use with MixEmergency.

    I Have the crossfader set to fade the video's and the up sliders to do the audio, this works great for me. i have the 2 inner sliders (2+3) for audio and the 2 outer sliders 1+4) for pitch when in int mode.

    Basically i dj without cd players or vinyl, all from my mixer ... Good for my pub gigs so i don't have to take my decks/cd players.
  • I would like to add to the list of mixers that work

    Pioneer SVM 1000

    we have one at the club and it works great, just us USB out to your MacBook Pro, Map the done.
  • hey guys my new to ME....just wanna know is there anyway to remap the buttons on the ttm57 to get it working with ME....i wanna be able to control all the efx and transitions like how we can with vsl only i wanna use my ttm57...i know the faders work fine just the other stuff.....plzzz help
    i cant use a midi cos my mac book only has two usb's 1 is for serato the other for my external....
  • You need a MIDI controller to externally control MixEmergency's effects and transitions.

    If you don't want to use the USB port you could always use something like an iPad (some apps allow you to send OSC to your computer, which you can then translate to MIDI) for control.
  • I would like to add that the Pioneer DJM-1000 mixer works with ME great.

    We have an Axiom25 hooked up midi, and we were able to assign stuff like the Up/down levels and the crossfader to control ME.


    And of course i have a TTM-57SL and it works perfect too
  • Added - thanks
  • well just to add Pioneer DJM 700.. you just need to add any USB MIDI interface and your good to go..:)
  • Cool - added.
  • Has anyone tried the Reloop IQ2 Midi...
  • hey guys i use the novation nocturn just for the video part as it has handy knobs for settings on either side and a sturdy crossfader as well as an intuitive page system.
  • Denon DN-X600 works well. So far I've only mapped the x-fader and I'm starting to play with mapping some other functions with the other knobs/buttons.

    I thought I had an issue with losing USB connectivity (it would get greyed out in the Audio/Midi section) but I think it was a cable issue.

    Used directly plugged in to my USB port and also with an unpowered USB hub shared with my Kontrol X1.
  • Thanks - have added it to the list.
  • Nick - What do you mean by "Mixers that work well with ME"? do you mean being able to map your mixer controls with ME functions? for example being able to switch from one video the the next by using the crossfader, or the channel fader? If so, can all mixers be mapped to ME? I have a Denon DN-X1500 mixer. What would be the process to check if I can map this mixer to ME?
  • I mean mixers where you can at the very least map the crossfader to MixEmergency.

    Most MIDI enabled mixers can do this, however there are some, such as the Behringer DDM 4000, that can't control both the audio and the video at the same time.
  • I don't think the Denon DN-X1500 supports MIDI - I'm not 100% sure though.
  • You are correct. The DN-X1500 does not support MIDI :( I am thinking about getting the DJM 800. Any of you know if the MIDI to USB device must be connecter directly to the USB port on the MacBook Pro or can I use an USB hub (4 usb in and 1 USb for laptop)

    Something like this one.

  • You can use a hub, i run a laptop cooler that has a hub built into it which i use to connect the usb to midi interface and a denon 1000 interface. everyting runs smooth with the DJM 800. I love that the 800 allows me to map any of its knobs, buttons and faders to midi channels.
  • Yeah - a hub should work fine.
  • just a thought, traktor does load video files, just plays the audio but they do load. would like to see me work with both, i would be glad to test also :-)
  • i have the vestax 05 pro4 works great
  • Cool - added it to the list
  • what about the dn-x1600, does it work
  • I would say so. Until someone posts in here saying that they've used it I won't put it on this particular list though....
  • the denon DNX-1600 dose work i own 2 lol and the DNX-1700 dose work also a friend has it.
  • Thanks - I've put it in the list
  • anyone use the pioneer 707? I'm having issues with controlling video output.
  • The Pioneer 707 mixer does not have MIDI. I'll reply to the e-mail you sent with a little more detail.
  • Hello Nick from Caracas.
    Congrat for your Excelent product. I have a Pionieer SVM ,before by your soft, please i need to know How does emergency, MacCore i7 Intel 2,0 GHz all together respond with my SVM ?

    Can i Map all the functions of emergency in my mixer?.

    Also I read that you recomend for
    Pioneer SVM 1000
    - Requires a MIDI hub to connect to MixEmergency.

    Thanks for support
  • I would recommend that you download the demo and try it for yourself. It's really easy to quickly map MIDI controls in the new versions of MixEmergency: http://www.inklen.com/mixemergency/manual/midi
  • Not sure if anyone else had problems with the DJM 2000. But I was in a pinch and TTM mixer wasn't available and had to use a DJM 2000. I used a Uno midi sport and had some weird issues. The upfaders would sometimes go down on it's owe, my cue points in serato would trigger on it's owe. The weird thing is, it only happened on the left channels 1&2.

    Also I was unable to change some of the midi-settings while music was playing (especially something with bass) I thought it was due to some sort of conflict with my old midi settings, so I deleted both and still the same issues. Anyone else experiencing issues with the 2000?
  • Could be the Uno, could be the mixer.

    I've seen cases of older/malfunctioning mixers sending out streams of MIDI messages from multiple controls when they're not moving - which causes problems for the MIDI learning functionality of MixEmergency and other software.
  • The NS6 works pretty well, and it has a lot of buttons & knobs that can be used to map other functions of ME and SSL.

    So far I only mapped the cross fader, transitions & effects. I map other buttons and knobs on the NS6 to SSL and everything works simultaneously so far. The crossfader mapping is pretty solid.

    Only problems I have is when pressing the mapped cue buttons in rapid succession, sometimes SSL doesn't respond to all the presses. Also, since the jog wheels and some of the knobs and faders give absolute position data, they can't be mapped to anything in SSL, like it doesn't understand the MIDI data or something.
  • I Just bought a DJM 900 Nexus. How do I hook it up to map the fader with ME? What cables and from where to where? And does it have to be hook up all the time to my computer to utilize the fader for the videos? I am running out of port on the MacBook pro
  • I believe that you simply connect the USB cable from the mixer to your computer.

    After that you will need to enable the MIDI (via the MIDI button), and then MIDI map it to MixEmergency's crossfader.
  • Thank you Nick, I don't have it yet, it arrives next week so I can't try that yet. So, I am assuming that once it is mapped, I still need to leave the cable plugged to actual use the fader correct? Do you know if I can connect the cable to a USB hub? Or does it have to be connected to one of the computer usb port? Thank in advance.
  • Yes - you need to have the USB cable connected to your computer to use the MIDI fader.

    I have no idea if it has issues with USB hubs - that would be something to ask Pioneer about.
  • Pioneer DJM-5000 works.
    Best of all, I originally mapped M.E. to my DJM=800 and when I started using the 5000 it worked without having to map it. I guess pioneer uses the same midi code for both mixers.
  • Cool, thanks.
  • I got SSL and ME mapped and working to my Denon MC6000. Well, the faders at least. Not sure what else and where to map other features....still getting accustomed to this.
  • What would be the best way to use mix emergency with the korg zero 4 mixer? Can i just use the middi knobs on the mixer or do i need a external middi controller?
  • Yeah - as far as I'm aware, you can just use the knobs/faders on the mixer (when you select the MIDI option on the Korg Zero 4's Input Selector).
  • Thanks Nick!

    My first thought in order to connect the program to the mixer i will need a usb to midi cable. Is this correct?
    I also was looking in your FAQ section and i didn't see anything as far as sync for the audio. do youhave any idea where i can go to get more info about how that works on the Korg Zero 4?
  • I'm not really familiar with that mixer - but I think it may do MIDI over the Firewire connection.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "sync for the audio".
  • ok i will try and use the firewire and see. as far as the sync audio, well if i am playing the video on a tv and i would like to get the audio to play through my set up speakers in real time.
  • You need to use Scratch Live to play the audio.
  • oh ok so i can only play video, no audio when i am in the mix emergency mode. so the mix emergency mode only allows you to play video no audio? dam! ok and you don't know much about the mixer ok cool. I meant to mention that there is a midi in and out on the mixer. I will try it both ways(Firewire/usb-to-midi). I am only asking because i know there is a audio/midi function on the mixer. Do you know anybody i can talk to about how i would sync the audio to the video when playing?
  • Yes, that's correct: MixEmergency can play video only - no audio.

    To add audio, you need to run Scratch Live (which MixEmergency will sync with) - and to do this you will need some Scratch Live compatible hardware (e.g. Rane SL 1, Rane SL 2, etc).
  • need help!!! i'm using pioneer mixer 2000 but not working on ME, is anybody can teach me how to do it thanks in advanced...
  • its easy....
    Make sure the midi on light (right side of the mixer, white led) is on!!!!!!!
    then usb the mixer into the computer.
    then click the midi button on ME and then click what you want to assign midi too.
    then move, click, or turn what ever control on the DJM2000 you want to respond to that.
    I use the MIDI screen in the center all of the time to change efx and and transitions all of the time.
  • So I was looking to replace my 57 with a Djm T1 with serato Sl2.. (Kinda reserved because I use 2.3 and have a couple of drop outs) Does anyone here have the T1 and if so how does it work with ME?. Not does it work, but how to midi it to work... but do you like use it with ME? Just to be clear
  • I'm just going to add to this topic.

    I'm now using the Rane MP26 19" Club mixer with mix emergency.

    The mixer connects straight to computer via USB.

    I've currently got the up faders mapped to channel one for the left deck, and channel 2 for the right deck of ME, i also have the crossfader mapped to the crossfader in ME.
    I don't use the crossfader as such, as i'm not a scratcher, and i have ME 'Link to Up faders' option in use, and this works fine for me.

    If i also want to record my video set, the audio can be routed from the mixer straight into ME, after configuring the output in Rane's MP26 config software, and then in ME software.

    The MP26 is not a scratch live or itch mixer, so the use of an SL box (SL3 in my case) has to be used.
    The MP26 has a 'matrix' style input so you can choose upto either Analogue, auxillary (phono if required - by setting the push switch on back of mixer) and each of the 4 channels has a 'Digital' input by the means of using the core audio or asio drivers as the mixer has an inbuilt sound card for both inputs and outputs.

    So if you wanted you can run scratch live and traktor at the same time if required on all 4 channels and have CDJ's and Decks connected if you wanted to go that far.

  • Cool
  • Just traded my NS6 for a VCI-380 and this mixer works just as well with MixEmergency/SSL.
  • Nice :)
  • vci 380 can be used as a midi mixer?
  • Yep. Been doing video gigs with it for the past couple of weeks. Has enough pads and knobs to map to SSL and ME. Before that I was using the NS6 for several months but found it a bit bulky. There's even a hack to map the VCI jog wheels to SSL but no hack for the pitch sliders yet. But apparently Vestax is going to release an SSL mapping file so we'll see. If it's true then you won't need additional decks, just the VCI-380.
  • just when i thought my rig couldnt get any smaller.....hmm...
  • by the way, J.J. just posted the fix for the pitch sliders, so everything will work with SSL without timecode. Add ME to that and you have one nice compact video setup!
  • what? where is this? hmmm....seems like a nice toy...err...TOOL...to get....after i get a 62.
  • Yeah, I was THIS close to getting a 62 until I found out it wouldn't work with ME. I needed a MIDI mixer that was smaller than the NS6 I was lugging around so I got the VCI380. I'm happy with it for now - there are enough buttons and controls to map SSL and ME functions. With the 62 I imagine I'd still have to bring my X1 for additional MIDI controls.
  • yes Bern. currently ssl doesn't let 62 output midi. so only the upfader and xfader in ME. serato has been pissing me off the last few years. why would they cripple a full midi mixer is beyond me.

    so yes you have to bring another controller with you. i use the lpd8. i just bought a denon hc1000s and a traktor kontrol x1.
  • gonna try those out and see which one i like the best.
  • ^ Ooh, so I'm probably better off with the 61 then and keeping my Kontrol X1. That will save me several hundred bucks. Thanks for that Nyce!
  • gonna try out the HC100s and the traktor kontrol x1 and see which i like the best. the akai lpd8 has served me well but i just want to see if these other controllers are any good.
  • Serato is just doing the same thing NI did with the Kontrol F1.. I'd jump on that thing in a second if it was open across the board. I love the layout, but you have to remember these companies are looking to push their software platform as well. It's pretty good business sense to keep people locked in when the hardware is good.
  • Hey I was hoping you all could give me a hand. I'm mapping the endless encoders on my Denon DN-X1600 to a parameter knob in mixemergncy. The problem is that the encoder on the 1600 does not sweep through, but jumps to min/max value. I've tried all of the midi modes, and the only one that comes remotely close is "Relative (2's compliment)", but it only works in one direction (Max to Min) and it takes a LOT of rotations to sweep down.

    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Any help MUCH appreciated. The encoder on my 1600 is sending CC note 80 if that helps...
  • The issue with these particular endless encoders has been fixed in MixEmergency 2.2 (which will be released soon).
  • Awesome thanks Nick!
  • Can I use my Numark NS7 in conjunction with Mixemergency? I would like to be sure before I purchase Mixemergency.
  • Have replied in your other discussion: http://www.inklen.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=533
  • Hi Im a newbie, im glad that my Denon MC6000 is compatible
    im just wondering if someone can guide me to set up my mc6000 to run ME
    thanks in advance and more power......
  • Hi,can Mixemergency work with Pioneer ddj SX (SERATO DJ)
  • unofficially yes
  • So i see American dj has come out with 2 Midi mixer.. I was wondering if anyone has gotten a chance to test these mixer out with M.E. The American Audio 14MXR & the DV2 USB?
  • I know this has been kicked around in this thread, but I'm trying to get my Pioneer DJM-800 to work with ME. I use a 57SL at home without any problems (with the channel and crossfader) but I used it out with my DJM-800 and ME/video didn't seem to respond to the faders (the audio was fine). Do I need to get a midi controller/adapter and program the faders to allow them to work? And if so, then what would people recommend for something JUST to get the faders to work. Some steps/links to some instructions/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
  • Yeah, you'll need a MIDI to USB device.

    Once you connect this between your mixer and computer, you'll be able to map your MIDI controls to MixEmergency's faders.
  • Does the NS7 work with MixEmergency?

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