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Mixers that work with MixEmergency



  • Hi, I have a problem, I recently bought MixEmergency and it won't let me MIDI to my TTM 57SL Mixer. Can anyone help me out? I have installed Video SL and Serato Video into Scratch Live already. Can this be the problem? Thanks.
  • Hey guys. I just picked up an SL3 so I ould use ME with my NI Z2... Worked beautifully. mapping was easy and responsive.
  • does the Behringer NOX404 PRO Mixer and behringer vmx 300 usb work with ME? if yes, how do i map midi and if no, how do i map midi on the other suggested mixers, aside the rane? thanks
  • Rane Sixty-Two, but, have an AKAI Midi Controller as well, haven't tried to map the mixer yet
  • Allen & Heath Xone:db4 works really well with mixemergency
  • I have the new rand Sixty-Eight mixer and I am having trouble midi mapping it using the cross fader to mix videos in ME. Please help!
  • I've replied in the other discussion you've created.
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    Allen&Heath Xone92 Mixer. You only get 4 usable controls; Left and right filter knob, crossfader, and tempo adjust knob--definitely works though :D
  • Thanks
  • hi can you help me the mixers that work with ME apart from the ones you listed earlier thanks
  • billy_bils75, I dont understand what you're asking. Could you rephrase your question once more?
  • can you help me with mixers that work with mixemergency apart from the ones that you listed i have pioneer dmj 800 but need i cheaper midi mixer that i can map mixemergency with my scratch live in house parties thanks
  • Well, given I have no idea of what your budget is--I really can't help you. Instead of spending money on a "cheap" mixer that'll end up collecting dust, buy a cheap midi controller dedicated to mix emergency. They are definitely going to be cheaper than a mixer with midi functions.

    I recommend the novation launch control, $98.00 and you practically have full control of ME. An example of how you'd use it would be something like: channel faders for channel 1&2 on your djm800 will remain at fully wet/100% because you've mapped those channels to the novation launch control knobs, which are also mapped to events of ME.

    Cancel everything I said, I just looked up the djm800 and it has 61 assignable midi controls. Why would you need another midi mixer aside from pioneers mixers being *cough* errible.
  • I just need a portable mixer for my house parties MY DJM 800 IS IN A coffin with my cdj 1000's and its kinda bulky for house parties thats why i need a budget mixer
  • Hi I bought ME 2.7.0 eight days ago,I'm using it with a TTM57SL and a MAC book pro version 10.6.8 and the problem i'm getting with it is when ever it runs for 10-15 minute or sometime as soon as I plug the USB plug in to the laptop the video starts showing with a white beam just like light tunnel from apple photo booth,any help will be appreciated.
  • Hi - I've replied to your e-mail (it's likely the Mixer FX feature that is causing this).
  • Thanks Nick. I followed your advice and its working nicely now. I also sent a reply to you from my Hotmail account.
  • Just tested the behringer BCF2000 with ME and it works wonderfully. The BFC2000 has mechanical faders that are able to move up and down automatically if you desire.
  • hi, pls i have the pioneer djm 700, a midi cable, and i use a macbook pro alonge wit ME 2.7.0, the thing is when i try to midi map it, it doesnt work, i have tried severally to midi map the cross fader. pls give me detailed instructions as to how to midi map the mixer, note, the midi/usb just shows a single light unlike tutorial videos i have seen that shows 2 lights of which one was blinking. thanks
  • If I'm not mistaken, the djm700 is not equipped with a USB midi interface like the djm900nexus. Could you be a bit more specific as to how your midi connection is setup? Are you using a midi interface that plugs into the midi out of the djm and into the macs USB port? Or are you using just a straight midi cable from the mixer into your soundcard (USB or FireWire soundcard). In both cases, you need to make sure that your input and output routing is setup correctly within ME's midi connection options.
  • the djm700 has a midi out port, and i am using a midi to usb like the types i saw on you tube used in midi mapping djm700/800 to ME or SL.
  • I would recommend downloading this app:

    It allows you to view incoming MIDI messages. Can you please run it and check that you are in fact able to recieve the correct messages.
  • Ok I revived my new Rane 64 today I upgraded from the Rane 68 Im having issues getting mix emergency to work with with CH 3 & 4 with the video output it works perfect with CH 1 & 2 any ideas?
  • I believe that it's only possible to use channel 1 and 2 due to limitations of Serato DJ.
  • I am thinking about getting a Vestax VCI-400 and was wondering if it is possible to map ME to 2 of the channels (using the fader, EQ and filter knobs to control ME) and leave the other 2 channels for Serato DJ and avoid getting an aditional controller just for ME. Thanks in advance.
  • Yep, that should be fine. Two of the channels are coded directly to control MixEmergency's videos (i.e. the loading/playing). Anything else can be MIDI mapped separately.
  • That is great, thanks Nick.
  • Does anyone know if the "new" DJ-Tech dif-1m has MIDI on the faders? The website says it has "Midi Buttons and Midi Knob".
  • Can i use the Pioneer DDJWeG03 with ME? I am using ME with the TTM57SL, and two Technics 1210M5G, but i want to buy the little controller to set cue points, loops and all that stuff.
    The DDJWeGo3 is Serato DJ compatible, Even the DDJWeGO or can you guys recommend another small controller? I also have the Novation Twitch but i do not like it, its collecting dust, till gets a new home.
  • I haven't used this controller specifically, but if it sends MIDI from the crossfader, then you'll be able to use it.

    I think that all the Serato DJ compatible hardware should work fine with MixEmergency.
  • anyone tried to map to pioneer djm 750?
  • well pioneer djm 750 previous midi settings from djm 700 still work...i didnt midi map anymore
  • Cool - thanks.
  • hi nick i can't record with akai amx... any suggestion?
  • Unfortunately the Akai AMX isn't capable of recording direclty via the USB connection. Because of this, you will either need to:

    1) If you have an older Mac with an audio-input, connect the Output of your Akai AMX to the line-in input
    2) Record via a secondary audio-interface (again, connected to the Output of your Akai AMX)
    3) Record within Serato DJ, and then line up the recording afterwards in a video editor and export it from this (or, if you know a bit about video formats/applications, you may be able to substitute the audio directly into the video container)
  • very sad… Thanks for your availability
  • Just a question on the new development of "Club Kit" mixers with the new Serato DJ 1.7.4 :

    Will there be some possible development with ME (or Serato DJ for that matter) to be able to choose which channels on the mixer you can use for video? I know video is normally channels 1 & 2 by default, but when using a Pioneer 900Nexus with Serato DJ Club Kit and turntables you are forced to use channels 1 & 4 (as these are the only phono inputs on the mixer).

    Even with using the new setup features of primary deck placement in Serato DJ: Whether you use SDJ channels 1 & 4 (normal setup primary deck placement 1 & 2) or use SDJ channels 2 & 4 (secondary setup primary deck placement 2 & 3), you'll only get video out of channel 1 when using normal setup primary deck placement 1 & 2.

  • Good question. Unfortunately I have no control over the channel assignments - that's something that is controlled via Serato DJ. I would suggest that you contact them about this.
  • Ok. They already know about this as well and said they're working on it for the next release (not 1.7.4). Just wanted to make sure both parties knew about this. Thanks for the clarification
  • edited June 2015
    Allen & Heath Xone DB2, works awseomly well with mixemergency and serato Dj 1.7.5 (via clubkit). :)
  • Thanks :)
  • not sure if added, the American Audio 14 & 10 MXR mixers work with Mix Emergency, right out the box, no need to even midi map the fader on the MXR. Not sure if it works with a after market installed InnoFader however....
  • Thanks
  • Numark Ns7 2 mix emergency only active on one channel...What could be the problem?
  • Which channels are you using? Perhaps you can change the "Primary Decks" setting in Serato DJ?
  • If you get your hands on a DJM-S9, please report your findings. I'm assuming it will work because the controls will be mapped to Serato DJ.
  • Hi Nick,

    Is the Pioneer DDJ-SR able to work with Serato DJ/ME?
  • Hi guys, id like to know how i can map my rane ttm57 MKII with mix emergency. I use serato dj. somehow I'm having trouble with the video transitions. If i move the faders the effects start moving even before i press play. id like to see the effects in action only when i press play. hope I'm making sense
  • It sounds like you may have a MIDI mapping conflict. Have you mapped another device in the past? If you're still having problems, perhaps you can start a new discussion about it.
  • Does anyone know if the Denon DJ MCX8000 is compatible with Mix Emergency? I'm about to purchase one of these units but would like to make sure I'll be able to run ME with no issues.
    Thank you
  • Check the specs on Denon's website, if it has MIDI functions, yes you can use ME with the MCX8000. Please keep in mind that all functions may or may-not be capable of MIDI commands
  • My mixer is a xone92, I only have 3 midi functions on this mixer; the crossfader and the 2 VCA frequency filter knobs. If I could choose 1 mixer to fully control ME, it would easily be the DB4 as every single knob (yes,even the high,mid-1,mid-2,low knobs), fader, crossfader are all capable of sending midi commands.

    However, I simply cannot part from my xone92 due to the fact that the production unit I own is an authentic Made in UK version that sounds too good to let go.
  • Rane 72 works great, however (feature request) instead of having individual sample bank buttons (A,B,C,D) like the 62, it has right/left arrow parameter buttons.

    Nick, any way you can add right/left buttons for mapping purposes?

  • Yeah - it's something that I've been looking into over the last weeks. I'm not sure of the best solution here yet.


  • Yes, it will.

  • I notice when I use Rane gear (Seventy-Two right now), not all the transition FX work. For example, Slide BE, Zoom BE, etc. There is pretty good handful or two that do not work with their mixers. Already tried reinstalling the plugins multiple times, but nothing fixes the problem. However, all Pioneer devices always work flawlessly. Not sure why.

  • yo tambien uso 62 funcionan todas los efectos y configuraciones falta configuracion ahi .

  • En el panel de efectos tienes que asignar via midi todas las funciones saludos

  • @djpoproxxx have the files that you're playing had their beat grid set? And do you have the MIDI Clock option (on the MIDI window) disabled?

  • Yes. All beat grids are always set. But I'll double check the MIDI Clock option, just to make sure.

  • @Nick MIDI Clock option is enabled & beat grids are set in SDJ Pro

  • And for some reason, 900NXS2 crossfader isn't working when linked to ME

  • You'll want to disable that MIDI Clock option.

  • Ok. Will do! I've never touched this setting since I've started using ME (many many moons ago lol). I wonder how it kicked on by itself? Who knows 🤷‍♂️

  • Hey Nick - i just upgraded the Firmware on the Rane Seventy Two v1.5.3 and it seems like the volume faders are now reversed with ME? i.e. volume up on mixer = video is faded down to black and volume down on mixer = video on full display

  • That's odd. Can you also check to see if this is the case in Serato Video?

  • Actually yes I went back and tested again on both SV and ME and I had the same behaviour. I had to downgrade firmware back on the 72

  • Perhaps you can report this to Rane directly. In the meantime, you can disable the use of external crossfaders in the Preferences and then map the faders directly via MIDI in MixEmergency (you can reverse the direction of these in the MIDI mapping pop-up window).

  • Yes I've reached out to Rane but no reply as of yet. Ive tried your suggestion and this is not working either. It learns the MIDI CC etc, but it does not actually react with the fader. Ive tried inverting, clicking on Pick button while moving the fader etc

  • Are the link buttons, below the fader in MixEmergency, enabled?

  • Thanks Nick - thought I had tried this first time around! But now successfully mapped, thanks mate

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