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No sound from Serato with Tonetable hooked up

edited May 2011 in Tonetable
No sound from Serato with Tonetable hooked up. Serato doesnt read or play the MP3 files.
I play tonetable serato do not respond. Can anyone help me ? ASAP


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    Are you getting any signal on the input scopes (which are on the setup screen) of Scratch Live?
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    i am having the same problem, i only hear the beeping tone and it shows red on my serato tables, any thoughts on what i need to change?

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    @chris... change the (jack/rca) thats needs to plugs into the ipad (make sure the jack that gos into the ipad is all the way in!!)
    also try.... going back to the set up in serato, go to vinyl control,
    and re - estmate!!
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