MixEmergeny Video Tutorials
  • We've added a few new video tutorials to the MixEmergency website:

    http://www.vimeo.com/3207654 - Recording and Exporting with MixEmergency
    http://www.vimeo.com/3219881 - Effect Control in MixEmergency
    http://www.vimeo.com/3206569 - Transitions in MixEmergency
    http://www.vimeo.com/2252372 - MIDI Mapping in MixEmergency

    They're also available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/inklen
  • need more videos on every aspect of the program please!.. some people like me just cant read mauals.. and figure it out. if u wanna make ur product better.. we need to understand it better, and one way is thru video! like ur current youtube videos!
    show us how to add text and images to the banks and every thing else!!!

  • Yeah, I agree. There are more tutorial videos planned.
  • I also agree also need a tutorial on what a quartz composition is and show how it works and how to make quartz compositions.
  • yea know, i was just wondering what the hell that was, guess i need to go read
  • i want the quartz composition tutorial....:)
  • i cant find the box that is shown in the effects video and have no clue how the effects work.I have a box but it says 1-12 and 1-6 you would think there would be help on youtube but there is nothing PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO THAT IS UP TO DATE its driving me crazy!!! Thanks soooo much!
  • Yeah, the user interface in those tutorials is a bit old.

    You can find the effects by going to the Control window (available from the Windows menu, or by pushing the keyboard shortcut command-2), and then going to the secondary tab on each of the boxes on that window. This is shown here: http://www.inklen.com/mixemergency/manual/controlwindow/ under "Effect View".
  • would be great to have some additional tutorials (more detailed) on recording.. I am having a difficult time setting up the recording features. (MacBook Pro).
  • Could we get a new Tutorials that gives up more info on MIDI mapping. I want todo some more advanced mapping maybe where 1 controls turns on and effect when its above 1 and then uses 2-127 for the adjustments.
  • I can't think of a way to do this with the current MIDI setup. You'd probably need another program to translate the MIDI messages (e.g. < 1 sends a MIDI Note Off message, >= 1 sends a MIDI Note On message).
  • I just know midi stuff like that is possible in programs like traktor and ableton. Dont know exactly how they do it but it is possible.
  • I'd love to see more tutorials on such things like the presets, and how to use them and midi map them etc.
  • This product should have tutorials to fully understand how it works. I just bought the full version but dont have any idea how to use it...Been tinkiring with it since yesterday and been browsing the web for some fundamentals,but NOOOOO! NADA! There were some,but they were old ass videos and its not even saying much at all...Ive been trying to integrate this with Serato. A SIMPLE VIDEO TUTORIAL OF THE BASICS WOULD BE A BIG HELP! Yeah! Thats a RANT there;(
  • I agree - we need to get some tutorials up soon.

    What exactly are you having issues with? The basic functionality should be fairly straight forward (open Scratch Live, open MixEmergency, load and play videos in Scratch Live - that's it, MixEmergency will follow what's going on in Scratch Live).
  • have u not read the replies to your original post on the serato forums, funkmike?
  • Yup! Have read it already...Have yet to try it later with my box connected. Because its not doing anything with hardware disconnected...I have done those things already,open up scratch live then open up ME then load video track on scratch live play it and only scratch live video is playing...Nothing whatsoever on ME..Unless I drag the file directly to ME but thats it.ME plays separately and not syncing at all anything from Serato.
  • What version of Scratch Live are you using? And what version of MixEmergency?
  • Here's a Video Tutorial I made yesterday.

    Part 1

    Part 2.
    Still in progress.
  • Nice one.
  • supafly whats ur email?
  • djsupafly@facebook[dot]com
  • I agree with having more videos. A lot of folks do not have to time to sit and read through a manual to find out more information about features or anything that is important. We need
    immediate access to the specific issue. Videos like "getting started" or "basic setup". Serato is a perfect example to use as far as the types of videos that have been created to help DJ's. Keep them coming iNklen!!! -DJ Ozzie Mandias
  • Any new tutorial videos?
  • Any word on tutorials or how to videos. Not the same generic old ones, any new tips or tricks.
  • No new videos, sorry. It's on my list of things to do when I have the time...
  • Hi Nick, I'm a new user, like to know what are the steps for the Presets Effects, Do you have a tutorial for that? Thanks Love MixEmergency......

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