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edited May 2011 in Tonetable
is the app different from iphone to ipad or can i download it to my iphone then when i finally buy an ipad put it on there?


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    It's the same application on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. So, you should be able to put it on your iPad when you get one.
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    Ok one more question. Does this switch to landscape orientation or only portrait
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    Tonetable operates only in the portrait orientation.... though, obviously it is still usable in either.... just like how a real turntable is usable in both.
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    Yeah I just realized that after I bought it. Can I make I feature suggestion? Is it possible to keep it running in the background when going out of the app? Say I'm running tonetable and using a midi app for cues and loops ect, after I play scratch drop it or whatever it would be nice to toggle out if the app and have it still sending signal while I open the midi app to control other features. Just a thought. Thank you
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    Yeah - that's a good suggestion. I will look into it.
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