Mac OS X Lion
  • All known issues when running MixEmergency from Mac OS 10.7 have been fixed in MixEmergency 1.7.2.
  • thanks nick maybe ill just stick around for 10.6.7 first
  • Yeah, and Serato have a list of known issues when running Scratch Live under Mac OS X Lion - so for most people it would be best to wait until they are resolved.

    As far as this issue goes, I believe that it has been fixed, though it will have to undergo testing before it is released (and allow for any further issues to be found). We've had beta testers using MixEmergency with Lion for some time now, and this is the only issue found so far.
  • ok nick keep us updated..thank you so much
  • MixEmergency 1.7.2 is out now, and I've updated the initial post to reflect this.
  • thanks nick...
  • I am using 1.7.2 and since I switched to Lion when I have multiple Harddrives plugged in mix emergency freezes up but only when the video is blown up to full screen
  • Just got off the phone with apple. I cant upgrade my RAM as I already have my machines max capacity. If I play my videos on Serato VSL they play fine. It only freezes on Mix Emegency and only when the screen is blown up to full screen. No problems with my 4tb drive containing all my mp4 video files. Only a problem with my 2tb drive containing my mp4 Karaoke files. I have already spent a week reformatting the drive and copying all the files back to it to still have the same problem. but if it was the drive it shouldnt still work in VSL. Apple suggested that I reinstall the mix emergency software. First I need to know how to uninstall it completely and then I need my serial number emailed to me if you could [e-mail removed] Thanks Nick
  • I've e-mailed you your license key.
  • I'm not sure what would be causing this problem. What dimensions do you have your external monitor set to?
  • And apologies if my reply to this discussion are a little slow today, but it is Sunday here in New Zealand.
  • Is there a paticular way I need to uninstall the program or should I just drop it in the trash can and reinstall?
  • I would very much doubt that uninstalling and re-installing the program would have any effect, but if you really want to then:

    1) Drag the MixEmergency application to the Trash
    2) Remove the folder ~/Movies/MixEmergency/
    3) Remove the file ~/Library/Preferences/com.inklen.MixEmergency.plist

    (where ~ is your user/home folder)
  • What should my display settings be set at (Display and ME Output) Ive been toying around with both for an hour and no help. Ive already tried reinstalling ME as well and that didnt help either
  • Start with your output at 640x480, and set the Refresh Rate to something other than 60 Hz if possible (e.g. 50 Hz).
  • Ok here is an update on my problem. I have now completely restored my computer with the restore discs then reinstalled Snow Leopard, then Lion, then Serato with VSL then mix emergency and ran all updates. I have installed no other software. I still have the same problem. When I open the info window on ME the frame rate sits around 60 until I use it in Full screen mode. Then it drops to about 12. I have tried putting the settings to what you said that didnt help. All it did was make my external display lose color and look like a bad TV effect
  • Ouch, 12 FPS.

    Can you e-mail me your MixEmergency.log file to contact [at] inklen [dot] com? You can find it at ~/Movies/MixEmergency/MixEmergency.log

    Also, what type of adaptor are you using to go from your computer to your output screen?
  • my computer crashed and apple put in a new harddrive does this mean i have to re-purchase mix emergency over again ....i tried re-downloading but its only a demo and i have to work at the club tonight.....[e-mail removed]
  • You can use the license key that you purchased previously. I've just resent it through to your e-mail address.
  • I just installed Lion and downloaded ME2.0.4. Both 2.0.4 and 2.0.2 now crash when I try to load a video. Videos play just fine in SL. I sent the crash log. Please advise. Thanks Nick.
  • (for those wondering - this was resolved - turned out to be an issue with a 3ivx library)
  • I'm having some screen refresh issues with mountain lion.
  • Is anyone using mountain lion yet? I'm about to upgrade and want to make sure ME will work.
  • Yes - I would say it's the best OS version yet for running MixEmergency.
  • Its been running pretty good on my retina mac except I have a bug where if I load my custom qtz file in m.e. it seems to kill the m.e syphon out to arena and I need to reload the m.e. syphon out again in arena for it to start working again...

    Other than that FLAWLESS!

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