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Serato - getting high pitch tone and red on the tables

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Serato - getting high pitch tone and red on the tables

I have serato and turned up my ipads all the way up

I can hear the high pitch tone and my serato detects the tone but the scope is all over the place

any help? i thought it was just plug and play?



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    The scope in Scratch Live should show nice even circles when Tonetable is playing (i.e. not scratching). It's normal for the tracking indicators to show red.

    It isn't normal to hear the actual tone. It sounds as though you're listening to (or have connected) the through channels of your Rane hardware, instead of the output channels.

    Have you set up a control signal source (e.g. Turntables, CDJs, etc) before?
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    no i haven't set up the control signal source before, because i haven't needed to, i have turntables and it works just fine with my serato setup

    the scope in SL shows 1 line goign from left to right

    i was thinking about buying new rca wires

    please let me know what i need to try next

    Thank You
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    Ok - lets try to tackle the scope views first: if all you see is a line in the scope view, then it means that it is receiving a mono source. Are both (left and right) channels of your output working? (you can unplug one at a time, or swap them, to see if it has any impact on the scope view) Or do you have your iPhone/iPod/iPad switched to mono audio output?
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    i will buy brand new rcas and test it again

    is there an option to switch this from mono to stereo? the only option for this is in the sound option is turned off (general - accessibility - ) but not sure if this would affect it

    please let me know if there is anything else?
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    Yeah, that's the setting, the one in General -> Accessibility -> Mono Audio.
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    I would just test with your existing RCA cables. Just try connecting and disconnecting them while watching the scope views.
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    There's a number of examples of scope view problems shown here:
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    ok, will do, hopefully this works

    -so if the wires are good, and its seeing 2 channels

    this should be just a plug and play app, correct? should be just as simple as plugging in my turntables? because nothing has changed besides the source of the control, which is IPADs now,

    please let me know if you know of anything else that I can also check

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    Yes - you just connect them like you would your regular Turntables (when using a control tone signal).
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    ok, i'll give it a try and let you guys know, thank you
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    @oneichris sounds like.. you dont have the plug that goes in the ipad all the way in(thats al!!)
    thats why you hear the tone!! and yes new rca would be fresh to much pulling in and out will wear rcas out faster!!
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