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Sending the output of MixEmergency into Resolume Avenue

edited January 2013 in MixEmergency
Note that these instructions are for an older version of Resolume Avenue. Newer versions have Syphon input built into the application.

Instructions for sending the output of MixEmergency into Resolume Avenue 3 (as demonstrated during the MixEmergency tutorial at the 2011 Video DJ Conference, Las Vegas)

There are 3 main things that need to be done to achieve this....

1) Install the Syphon Quartz Composer plug-in.
2) Enable Syphon Output in MixEmergency.
3) Drag one of the MixEmergency/Syphon Quartz Compositions into a layer in Resolume Avenue 3.

1) Install the Syphon Quartz Composer plug-in.

Go to the Syphon website - - and download the Quartz Composer plug-in (under the Syphon Plug-ins title). Open the Disk Image and copy the Syphon.plugin file to the following path: /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins/

That's it. It's now installed.

2) Enable Syphon Output in MixEmergency.

Open MixEmergency. Navigate to MixEmergency's Preference window (you can get there with the keyboard short-cut "command-,"). In the Preferences, go into the Syphon panel and make sure that the Output check-box is enabled (you can enable Channel 1 and 2 if you wish to use them also).

That's all - it's pretty simple. MixEmergency is now broadcasting the output to any software that can support it.

3) Drag one of the MixEmergency/Syphon Quartz Compositions into a layer in Resolume Avenue 3.

The title says it all really.

You can download some Quartz Compositions that have been created for this here:

There are 3 files: one for the output, and 2 for the channels. In most cases you will simple be using the file for the output (named "MixEmergencySyphonOutput.qtz").

Once you've loaded it to a layer, and then activated that layer, you should see the output of MixEmergency in Resolume Avenue 3.


Post any questions you have below - or even better, any videos showing how you're using this!


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    scratch that. thanks
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    Great instructions on setting it up!

    I am trying to integrate with Reolume Avenue 4, I'm having a problem getting the Resolume Avenue window to take over the full screen when ME is set to full screen.

    I've gone into ME settings and checked 'lower full screen window level' but it still overrides the Resolume output.

    I can resize the ME window out of full screen and display the Avenue window but then the ME feed comes in with too small a resolution.

    Any way of hiding the ME output window completely?
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    There are two options (both involve not going into fullscreen mode):

    1) resize the windowed mode output window to the dimensions that you want the output to be, and then hide it.

    2) use the Advanced Output section to change the size of the output.
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    Thanks Nick.

    I need it to go full screen in order for it to send the it in full resolution to Avenue.

    How do I hide the full screen?
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    You don't need to go into full-screen mode if you use one of the methods I described above.
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    And using those 2 methods can have high quality output via Syphon.
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    I'll give it another crack then!

    How do you hide the output window?
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    Go to the menu bar -> Window -> Output.
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    Hi nick how do you get rid of the Black bars on certain videos?

    i think all my 640x360 videos look stink using resolume and m.e

    is there any way to make it like the output window of m.e?
    how you can stretch it to get rid of the black bars? or will i have to render all my vids to 640x480?
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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I think maybe there are a few things you might be looking for.

    I'll just try to answer your first question:

    You need to first make sure that your 640x360 videos are actually rendered at 640x360, and not 640x480 (with the black bars built in).

    If they're 640x360, and the top/bottom is still not transparent, go into MixEmergency's Advanced Preferences and makes sure that "Zero Alpha Channel" is enabled. That should fix that.

    If they're 640x480, then try to use the Crop effect in MixEmergency to crop the top/bottom from the video (you'll also need that "Zero Alpha Channel" enabled in the Advanced Preferences for this to work too).
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    some of my extendamix videos come up with black bars on em. looks stink.
    i was wondering how i can get rid of the black bars i did what you said still a few of them coming up like this.

    all good tho just being a fussy guy.
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    Xtendamix were improperly rendering their files bro..

    In Resolume Avenue there is an option to resize the syphon input from M.E. so why dont you try resizing it so there are no black bars? :)
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    thanks koro.
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    IT SEEMS XTENDAMIX RENDERD 640X360 VIDS AT 640X480 LOL what the hell.
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    Is there a way to set up mixemergency and resolume on 2 computers. Computer 1 has mixemergency sending to resolume on computer 2 thru cat5 maybe
  • edited 9:43PM
    You would need some sort of video capture card on the second computer... and this would introduce quite a noticeable delay (I'm not sure how much delay... i.e. whether the delay compensation in MixEmergency could be used to compensate for it).
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    Thought there was a way without such latency. Thought it was possible to limit the processing on one computer. I have a 2.4GHz i5 with 8GB but Resolume is a processing hog. Wanted to integrate mixemergency to play my music video but use resolume to add sponsors overlay and adds.
  • I would like to do the opposite of the title of this thread. So far I' loading the syphon input file in to the ME media bank, then when a track loads with no video resolume's videos play. any other ideas for ways todo this?
  • Also does anyone know how to set resolume to have 2 different outputs. I want my video mixing done in ME and to have resolume's videos play for tracks that don't have a video. But then I would want to send my video signal back into resolume for overlays.
  • Yeah - the way you're doing it is the only way to get a Syphon feed into MixEmergency right now.
  • I believe mix emergency transfers alpha data over syphon so if you enable the alpha option under the syphon client in resolume and put that in a top layer and have extra visuals in the layer bellow then when there is no video they may show through. I haven't tried this myself, but there are also the background transitions in mix emergency which drop the opacity of the outputs to show something underneath
  • just installed Arena 4.1.4 on a MBPro running 10.6.8. I have followed the directions at the top of the thread, and cannot get an output picture to appear.

    Mix Emergency is running [checked all 3 outputs, none work]. Other Quartz files that I drag in run fine in Arena.

    Suggestions ?
  • nvm... they moved it to 'sources' : from server/client config. GOT IT !
  • The only way to capture video without a noticeable amount of latency for me is a am with dual thunderbolt onboard and black magic intensity extreme pro which is also thunderbolt and hdmi. This is the only method I have found to be highly effective. Hope this helps.
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