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MixList Support for 1.9 ?

edited April 2009 in MixList
Even with the 1.9 new history feature, Id love to see support with Mixlist. Any plans?


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    Yes - there will be an update very soon :)

    I've just sent you an e-mail - if you don't see it then check your spam folder.
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    Just an update for anyone else reading this thread: MixList 1.0.2 is out now, and includes support for Scratch Live 1.9.
  • NyxNyx
    edited 9:29AM
    MixList is in some ways still better than the 1.9 history, but I have a little problem with it:

    Since 1.9.1 MixList only recognizes the SSL tracks if it is started after SSL. Is there any chance to change this behaviour back to the old one where you didn't have to worry about the starting order? Many thanks!
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    Thanks for reporting this - it's not something that I had noticed. I'm sure it is something that shouldn't be too hard to change.
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    Nyx, I've sent you an e-mail regarding this bug.
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