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Request - show all columns

edited September 2008 in MixList
It would be nice if MixList showed and listed all the columns, or at least be able to select which columns you want listed, just like in a SSL crate, and not just song-artist-album-genre-deck-date.


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    Hey Konix. I agree.

    Unfortunately we are unable to add any more crate/column information than we are currently displaying. However, we could add information such as the percentage of the song played, or how long the song was played for, if that information would be useful.
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    Nah, that would be too useful, for me at least. I really don't need all the columns, but the BPM and comment is mainly what I want. Is there any way to output that in the CSV file? I don't necessarily need to see the BPM and comments in the GUI part, just the printout.
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    I'll look into it.
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    Great thanks.

    Oh, and I meant "wouldn't be too useful.." but I'm sure you figured that out.
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