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any updates on fixing the scratching lag issues?

edited December 2011 in Tonetable
any updates on fixing the scratching lag issues? I think that is the only issue that I have with it. It is great for mixing.

Is it possible for you to make the cue points from serato display on the tonetable app. that way we will know exactly where the sound is and we don't have to look at our laptop screen or try to listen for it.

If this sound could be displayed as a dot on the tonetable app, that would be awesome.

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    No, no news regarding latency. A lot of it we are unable to do anything about (e.g. the amount of time between touching/moving your finger on the iPad and the time that we receive the message that this has occurred).

    We're not able to display cue-points from Scratch Live on the paltter - though it would be very cool if we could.
  • Hi Nick it 2015 is there any update in relation with this specific limitation?

  • No, sorry.
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