Rane 61/62 Mapping
  • I wanted to know has anybody mapped their rane 61 or 62 to ME yet? I already know bout not support on 2.4 but I know some ppl will connect it to an sl box and map so I wanted to hear ppl feedback. I'm trying to decide on whether or not I want a 61 or a 62 since I'm transitioning to video mixing. I want to try ME as well. I'm switching from a djm400 mixer and I need a midi mixer bad. thanks
  • Yes, its possible with a sl box (sl1,sl2,sl3,sl4)

    Works great, but a bit frustrating
  • since you already have an sl box (i assume since you are using a djm400) it's a sensible upgrade to get the 62.

    the 62 works extremely well with ssl 2.4.0+. only downside is that when ssl is running and you map controls, the default controls in ssl can not be turned off. so for example if you midi map the cue 1 button to say a button in ableton live, it will do whatever in live, but will also fire cue 1 in ssl.

    this brings me to using it with ME. if you use the sl box as the serato interface and treat the 62 as a standard midi mixer, it works perfectly fine. you just have to set up the faders in ME and whatever you want to control in SSL (cues, samples, etc).

    works, but its a pain to setup the first time.

    aside from the this 2.4/ME fiasco, the 62 is my new favorite mixer. i was going to sell it, but i can live with this sl box workaround.

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