Image over Cam 2.0
  • @nick

    is there a way to have the image overlay OVER the cam feed
    i notice with 2.0 if i have like my logo on the screen and enable cam that it covers the logo
    i know i can size the cam but maybe i want it full screen with my logo over it if i am playing a song with no video

  • Currently the order of the text, image, Quartz Composition, and video input overlay are all pre-defined. It would be possible to change that order (with some work, obviously) - I'll have a think about it.
  • ok thanks Nick i think this would be great if you can make it to where you can change the order

  • if you can do it, maybe options in the preferences to setup which way to layer them. possibly with drop down menus?
  • Any development on this yet?
  • No - nothing to announce.
  • I absolutely love the the honesty Nick lololol... I rather prefer that you just say no or not sure yet then say nothing or sure and not do it.

    This would be a very good feature for sure though...
  • +1

    I use a quartz composition as my overlay which includes my Twitter feed - would be great if this could also be over the camera feed :)

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