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Demo visualisation download

edited March 2012 in MixEmergency
I've had a few requests for the visualisation that was used in the MixEmergency 2.0 demo video, so here is the Quartz Composition that was used:

It's almost identical to the CubesSpinning.qtz visualisation included in the Example Quartz Compositions folder with MixEmergency 2.0 (though it has a textured background, and is free running).



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    Sweet. Thanks!
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    thanks nick!!!
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    Hey nick. in one of the tears you have the words Mix Emergency in a font changing with the beat grid.... Can we not do this. I haven't found that option yet.
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    That teaser (I assume you mean this one: ) was showing the effect blend modes.
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    Ok so what? It was just a standard text and you applied an effect over it? Which effect? what setting please.
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    Actually, it was an image, loaded to a channel. The teaser is focusing on the blend modes. You'll notice that the first beat of the four has an effect using the regular (pre-2.0) dissolve/mix blend mode. Then the next 3 beats will feature that same effect using different blend modes.

    The blend modes were all just captured to images, and then sequenced for the teaser.
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