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Are there any new features planned?

edited July 2009 in Tonetable
I really love the idea of this. I have to ask though.. are you planning on adding any new features?

Some things I think would be great are
Pitch increment notches - to tell where we are.
A more realistic Push/Pull to help with beatmatching.
User setable cue points. "stickers"
and last but not least a feature to import an image for the records label


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    Hey Ezmyrelda - yes, we are planning on further development of Tonetable.

    I can't announce any new features just yet though.

    Thanks for the feature suggestions - I've made a note of them. Let us know if you have anything else you'd like to see in future versions.
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    Ok, after a lot of soul searching I decided to buy your app. At a different price point I would have bought it in an instant, but I buy software from vendors based on a variety of factors. One of the most important being quality of site and design and whether I think the vendor will write elegant code.

    I think the site is clean, tasteful, and crisp; and from my research on your other products it looks as though you create a fine product.

    So.. with that in mind I have another request and what might be some ideas about how to push and pull..

    The first just being the feature. Some sort of stroboscope visualization would be very cool looking. maybe along the right side running vertically.

    Which brings me to the next thing. thoughts about the push and pull. The way in which the press of the touch display handles scratching is very good. acts just like one would grab a record. So with that in mind I'm thinking a light swipe forward or backward might be the way to do the actions for the push/pull given that even for a very large beatmatching adjustment the velocity difference would be drastically different between a scratch (and the pressure involved) and a push. I hope that seemed clear.. Also with a strobo strip on the right side you might just place the push/pull zone over the strobo. Which might ease the coding needed for the difference, while also giving an area users might naturally think of as the beatmatching control rather than the scratch control.

    With Regards
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    First of all - thank you for purchasing Tonetable, and for taking the time to provide us with feedback on it.

    I think the stoboscope idea is interesting. I will have a think about that - and how it might fit in to the ideas I currently have planned for Tonetable.

    I agree that the push/pull could operate differently. Do you think you would still want the + and - buttons if you had push/pull on the platter/record surface? We could turn this area into a "modifier" button that toggles between scratching and push/pull.
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    I've never actually used those types of buttons on cd players or even in dj software, so I'm sure I wouldn't miss them. But If I was to keep them around I would have the +/- button toggle between three states; Push/Pull, Scratch, and Pitch bend. The pitch fader might only be visible during Push/Pull and Pitch bend states. In the settings if you wanted you might have something that enabled or disabled 1 or two of the states, One state always having to be enabled and also two setting "faders" allowing the + level to be set as well as the - level.

    I did a test using my m-audio connectiv and the latest version of deckadance and I must say.. It worked brilliantly. Cleanest most consistent tracking signal I've ever gotten. Of course given what it is.. the pure digital tone, thats not surprising. Thanks for the awesome first version.
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    Cool - I'll do a few tests and have a look into the push/pull idea a little further.
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    i just purchaced tonetable 1.1 very cool features and im glad to hear that there will be further development with it.

    if i may throw in my 2 cents, the scratch wheel is still not fast enough to execute accurate scratching, i can pretty much only scratch at half speed with it now at 1.1

    also, maybe enable zoom on the scratch wheel similar to the re>cords app. it would be fun and might help djs who want to scratch get a better feel.

    cue buttons would be nice, but i understand that may require bluetooth or wiifi..

    well hope to see more improvements on tonetable soon and thank you for a great app!

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    The push pull idea can be done with multi touch.
    Single finger = push pull
    Two or more fingers = scratch

    My two cents
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    I was wondering if you guys might be adding a CUE button so that we can run serato in absolute mode...(like we were using a CD controller)...?
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    A CUE button isn't possible with the current control signal that we generate. It would be possible if we allowed users to load in a specific control tone for whatever software they were using though.
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    I had an idea where if possible you could add midi to the tonetable interface. I am not sure if it would be possible to run it through the 32 pin connector on the bottom of the ipad. Awesome app though
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    It is possible to do MIDI over the wi-fi connection. I'm not sure if we would add that to Tonetable however. It's something to think about though.
  • i would not add a midi@all!! , push/pull option sound great and if your trying to simulate vinyl turntable at least give the looks of different turntables/cdjs on the the market!!
  • i think adding a midi would be to much!! , if i may say..... give options of pitch to be on right or left hand side of tonetable and if your trying to simulate vinyl turntable,, at least give the looks of different turntables images to choose from!! remember adding to much to an app can make it confusing to work with & learn also... adding to much can take away from the app of what its main purpose is to do!! tonetable was made simple (plug n play) to look like a turntable with out luggin a whole lot out the house to do a gig!!! i do agree.... it needs a better look, some tweaks here n there for scratching djs!! but..... when you start adding to much you dont have a simple app anymore you got confusion!! (im just sayin!!) so lets keep it simple!!
  • Very nice! I wish I had two tablets to run it on! I have a Z2 as well. Love it.
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