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traktor scratch pro calibration failure

edited August 2009 in Tonetable
Have you guys actually tested this stuff or just made a 2khz tone?

I have not used the control CD's but when I try to calibrate this in Traktor Scratch Pro using either timecode control vinyl or timecode cd input in Audio 8 DJ it fails to calibrate saying unknown signal.

I notice on the control vinyls there's a bit of static in addition to the control signal beep.

Like I said, never listened to the CD. I have the iPhone audio out plugged into the place in the multi-core cable where normally the turntable/cddj is plugged in.

Thanks.. Paid $8 I wanna be able to use it :)


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    Yes - Tonetable has been tested/used with Traktor Scratch.

    I would expect any timecode calibration to fail because Tonetable does not output any timecode over it's control tone. We cannot include the timecode in our control tone as it is copyright of whoever produced it (i.e. Serato, Native Instruments, etc).

    You will however be able to use Tonetable with Traktor Scratch (and all other compatible DVS software) in "relative" mode.

    Let me know if you are still having issues setting this up. I am not too familiar with Traktor Scratch, but we have testers who are.
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    I've the same problem ;/

    Calibration failure.
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    Yes, when attempting to calibrate Tonetable with Traktor Scratch you will receive a message that states "Unknown Media" (or similar). This is expected.

    Tonetable controls digital vinyl systems in their "relative" modes (i.e. there is no mechanism for "needle dropping" in Tonetable). In "relative" mode it will allow you to scratch, pitch bend, throw, power down, etc.
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    No such thing as "relative" mode in traktor scratch pro. Wont buy until i know you have the problem fixed. A friend has this app and we tried it and all around failure. Running traktor scratch pro v.1.2 and v.1 tonetable. Work it out and post on this board and I'll pick it up. Again there is no relative mode and i'm running on input A which is read in traktor however their is no motion of the track itself...
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    Hi DJ Grin. Is your friend able to use turntables with his Traktor Scratch Pro? If so, he should be able to use Tonetable. Were you able to confirm that the tone was being passed through input A? You might also need to adjust the tone output volume on your iPhone.

    When I talk about a "relative" mode I mean that Tonetable will only cause relative movements in Traktor Scratch (i.e. you can't needle-drop or anything like that).

    Anyway, here are a few videos of Traktor and Tonetable working together:
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    Uhhh...there is such thing as "relative" mode in TSP. When your decks in Traktor are in Scratch mode, there are 2 buttons under the audio wave window that look like turntables.
    The left (lights up blue) is "Absolute" mode meaning wherever the needle is on the vinyl - say 3 minutes in, the loaded song will play at 3 minutes in and follow movement and pitch. The button on the right (lights up Orange) is "Relative" mode where only the movements and pitch follow.

    I have used Tonetable with my iPod touch 3g and my iPad with no problems many times.
    Works great for control of decks C & D when I am using 1200's for A & B.

    Oh and to Inklen, the update is great, although now I spend to much time deciding what color vinyl I want to sport each time.

    That and I can't stop watching the already classic "EyeCanDj" demo.
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    Thanks for clearing that up. I'm not too familiar with all of the functions of TSP myself.

    Glad you like the update :)
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    Do you think the user can upload the DVS time code to tone table? This way there is no infringement. This seems like the obvious solution.
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    Yeah - it is something that I will look into.
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