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Request - export to new crate

edited September 2008 in MixList
Would be great if the review list could be exported to/as a new crate in SSL.


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    Another good feature request.

    Unfortunately we are not currently able to do this easily (i.e. it would take quite a lot of work as far as I'm aware).
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    Humm, what about export to an .m3u file? Those can be imported in SSL as a crate :)

    Also, you might want to get into contact with nik39 on the SSL forums. He made a PC only program similar to MixList, and also made another great program called ScratchTools, which can make crates automatically from folders on your hard drive, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff with the SSL library. I'm sure he knows a lot about the crate file format, if it's a matter of not knowing how to make the crate file format.
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    Yeah, I've seen nik39's ScratchTools and TrackTracker.

    We would like to add m3u or Scratch LIVE crate export from MixList, but for now the reason that we cannot do this is not because we don't know the file formats. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    Nick, thanks for a very useful tool!!

    A .m3u playlist output file would be most useful, as it works across so many different players.
    All you really need to include is the path and the filename.

    For reference Have a look at:
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    Glad to hear that you find MixList useful.

    We would like to add this feature to MixList, but it is not as simple as just outputting an m3u file. Adding m3u output would take a quite a bit of work (including parsing of the Scratch LIVE databases). Because of this it may not be added to MixList for a while - though we will look into other possible solutions.

    Thanks for your feedback.
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