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MixEmergency 2.0.2 Beta

edited April 2012 in MixEmergency
I don't usually offer public beta versions of MixEmergency, but due to some recent changes (about which I won't go into detail) I would like to get this minor update tested by a larger number of users so that I can release it quickly.

Here's the link to the beta version of MixEmergency 2.0.2:

The changes for MixEmergency 2.0.2 are:
- Fixed a bug that would cause incorrect alignment of beats relative to the beat grid.
- Colour correction now works with the when the Advanced Output option is enabled.


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    So, yeah - if it's working without any issues for you, please post below. If you're having problems, please start a separate discussion (with a detailed description of the issue, and listing your system's specs, such as OS version, laptop model, etc)
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    oh boy! just in time to use at the club tonight....
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    Will give you my findings on Thursday after my 5 hour Weds night gig m8
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    if these changes make me go out and buy a $2000 mixer, then i think i can be cool with that..
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    I'm not sure what you're thinking there.... the only changes are listed above.
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    ah. still cool.
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    I can't seem to get color-correction working at all, regardless of whether "Advanced Output" is enabled or not.

    Otherwise this version looks to be generally fine. Still seeing the issue with the Drahtwerk "iwebcamera" causing ME to crash pretty repeatably when enabled or disabled.

    This is on "Late 2011" MacBook Pro8,3, OS 10.6.8.
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    tested for the last week or so. color correction w/output enabled works

    beat grid effects appear to be firing in line with beat grid.

    i had a bug with exporting two recordings back to back (new/export menu option was dimmed). but i can't reproduce it. so maybe it was a fluke.
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    Mark - can you please double-check the color-correction for me (and also first check that it's working for you with the previous version)? I can't imagine why it would have changed in the case that the Advanced Output isn't enabled....
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    so the club decided not to run the projector so i didn't get to see anything (private event...didn't want it)

    but i still ran ME and some vids.

    nothing crashed.

    still on my 2008 pre-unibody with leopard.
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    Cool - thanks for the updates everyone :)
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    Nick...just sent you a detailed email.

    The color-correction problem I described before seems to only affect 640x480 output on an older Sony display I'm testing with at home. With all other resolutions on that display, the ME color-correction controls seem to be fine. Also fine with 640x480 on the installed system I was on at the club I was playing in earlier.

    Rather weird.
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    Thanks Mark.
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    ran for 5 hours last night...rock solid! thanx for the color correction control on the advanced ouput!
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    Thanks for the feedback. This version has become the final build of MixEmergency 2.0.2, and is available for download now.
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