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Make your own effects and transitions....



  • 7.28am on a sun morning? do u ever have a day off?! thats customer service right there :)
  • Haven't been around much recently, been working on other stuff. Anyway, was messing around with some mesh stuff today and made a new filter. Mesh Ripple.qtz

    Adds a ripple effect based on input of parameter1, parameter2 controls the amount. Tie parameter 1 to bass and get a nice effect.

    You can fiddle with a few things in the file itself. Change the queue patch queue size to vary how long ripples take to travel. You can probably fine tune look and performance by changing the resolutionX and Y inputs in the Javascript mesh creator, but I wouldn't set them too high...
  • Nice - thanks for sharing your work.
  • seriouscyrus no found page :(
  • @ALVAREXDJ just add www. to his link.
    @seriouscyrus...I'm loving your work!!!!
  • thanks and congratulations could lower it good job @seriouscyrus
  • Thanks all! I'll try to post some improvements and more filters soon, and pool them together for easy access on my website, will keep you posted.
  • hey Nick

    any chance these could see more data points?
    I tried to make a CRYON effect but its not possible with the current spec
  • What do you need? I have a composition somewhere that I worked on a while ago to show the artist/album some number of seconds after crossfading.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    I would want to see MediaArtist1, MediaTitle1, MediaAlbum1and Position1 so I can make a nice cryon that auto shows after 10 seconds and disappears after 30 (or dependent of the effect parameter knob)

    It all works when using a composition as an overlay but not when using it as Effect (or transition, but not (yet) relevant to me right now...)
  • Ah, I see. I just assumed that you wanted this as an Overlay.
  • Hey Nick, Im having a hard time trying to get this to work. When I open the template it opens up a jumbled up pic of my Facebook page. Lol. Im trying to get the logo of my new nightclub built into a video transition. Any help as to the steps I would take would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  • When you open it with Quartz Composer? That may be because there are no images being fed into the image inputs.
  • Got it ! thank you so much !!!
  • Hello sap..!!! Nick ah i have a problem how can i get quartz composer
  • Google: "how to install quartz composer"
  • Hi Nick,

    Is there a way to invoke the OS X font selection menu in quartz compositions in Mix Emergency's parameters windows, for published inputs that require the user to select fonts?
    Currently they require one to type the exact font name. I was thinking maybe if ME detects a certain keyword e.g. "FontMenu" for a string published input or something similar.

  • There's no way to do this at the moment. If enough people wanted this, I could look into it.
  • Just in case you do look into it, you might also try let labeled Indices inputs to display the actual labels instead of the index values/numbers, if it's not too much of a bother.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Hey Nick, another question. Does MixEmergency allow the execution of "unsafe" patches
    within quartz compositions?
  • Yes, I believe so.
  • is mixemergency 3.0.2 having that feature?
  • how do you create a logo transition where the videos come inside of your logo
  • The only way for users to do this currently is to create your own using Quartz Composer.
  • nice..its been a while since was here in the forum..:)
  • @radikarl Can i please have your email????!!!

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