• I've found a thread with info on how to save as an MP4. But what I also need to know is what is the best process for saving to a DVD. A club I DJ at would like a mix for the slow nights during the week that I'm not there and I want to give them the best quality DVD possible.

  • Ideally you'd want to export from MixEmergency at the highest possible quality (as it will have to be re-compressed onto the DVD), at dimensions/FPS that fit the type of DVD you are creating. For example creating a 4:3 NTSC DVD you'd use dimensions of 640 x 480 and frame rate of 29.97.

    The codec settings in MixEmergency are really up to you, and what quality you think is acceptable (and how much disk space you have available).

    Each codec generally has a trade-off between size, quality and encoding time.

    - QuickTime's H.264 option might be acceptable to you, but is lossy and will take a long time to export a mix.
    - Apple Intermediate Codec is also a lossy codec that can give good quality results.
    - The Animation codec produces huge files but very high-quality output.
    - The DV codec's also produce fairly high-quality output, but also takes up a lot of space.

    If anyone has a preferred codec/process then feel free to chime in.
  • Well I have about 300gb left on my HD so space isn't a huge issue. I just need to know how/what codec to use and how do I get it onto a DVD since I've actually never burned a DVD before other than putting music/data on it.

    Last night I rendered the mix using the movie to quicktime with the settings you suggested in another thread but I don't want to re-render it in order to burn it and lose even more quality. I'd rather start with the best quality possible.
  • Ah, okay - so you've already exported it from MixEmergency.

    Well, the video will need to be re-compressed into a format compatible with DVD players, but not by MixEmergency, by whatever DVD burning software you use. I'm not sure if you've created a DVD before, but most software will take care of the format conversions for you. Do you have any DVD burning software? Do you need titles, menus, etc?

    Most Macs come with iDVD - which is apparently quite easy to use (I've only used it twice myself). There are a few problems if you're trying to burn 16:9 movies onto it I believe, or at least there were when I last used it, so if you're having trouble doing this, then let me know and I'll see if I can find you a link. iDVD can be quite useful as it allows you to write the disk to a Disk Image (DMG) file, so you don't need to re-compress the DVD each time you wish to burn it.

    There is other fairly simple software, such as Burn: which you can use (I have only tried Burn once, and that was many years ago now).

    Otherwise you can get more professional products such as the ones included with Final Cut Studio.
  • I have Sony Vegas on my PC and I have VisualHub on my Mac which I use to convert Promo Only vidz but I seen that there is an option to render and burn to a DVD. Haven't used it yet but I might try tonight and see what kind of quality I get out of it.

    I'll check and see if I have iDVD on my mac although I don't recall ever seeing it on there.
  • Cool - let us know how you get on.
  • Is there a way you guys can incorporate a feature that let's you export your mix from ME straight to DVD. That way we could skip having to render and extra time.

    By the way, I used IDVD. Worked fine but I couldn't really figure out how to get my mix to fill up the whole screen even when I switched to "widescreen"
  • QuickTime doesn't support exporting to the correct formats for DVD - so it's not possible for us to do currently.

    If your mix has been rendered in widescreen, then you might need to use this tool ( ) before importing it into iDVD.
  • best setting exporting from ME to burn to a dvd please help new
  • Well, there is no particular "best" setting - but for a basic preset I would recommend exporting using the "Best Quality, Fast encode" preset.
  • Just finished video mix, but exporting video mix to computer takes a long time. Any faster way of doin it? 2hrs exporting 60 min mix. geesh.
  • Did you export it using a single-pass or multi-pass export? The single-pass ones will export a lot faster.
  • How do i check that the next time. thanks for the help by the way.
  • The presets labelled "Fast encode" are single-pass.

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