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Crossfader curve with the DDJ-SX2

edited January 2015 in MixEmergency
I recently purchased the SX2 and have since notices that the ME Crossfader curve is now mapped to the SX2 knob that controls the SX2 Crossfader curve. Is there anyway to UNMAP this? I don't always like my video crossfader to "cut" but I almost always like my audio crossfader set that way.


  • In the Preferences of MixEmergency, go to Transition -> Contour -> Enable External Controller Contour. Disabling this preference should stop this.
  • Nick thanks for the reply but that was already off. I can post a screen shot later if you'd like. I'm replying from my phone right now. My current workaround is to just turn down the Crossfader curve ever so slightly from the 100% cut position. When doing this the MixEmergency fader reacts the way it should when the option you mentioned is disabled as you said.
  • Have you used Serato Video? Is it doing the same things? It may be that the SV settings are affecting the crossfader signal that is sent to MixEmergency.
  • No. I've never used SV and never had this issue with my original SX.
  • I am using a different version of SDJ though than when I was using the old SX if that makes any diff.
  • Can you open Serato Video (it's installed by default on your system), and see if this is occuring there too? It may be a bug that I need to report to Serato.

    In SV, you should also check that the settings for contouring are disabled there.
  • Hey VideoDJQ
    That is setting turned on by default within the ddjsx2 I had the same issue you can disable it by following the directions here (Entering Utilities mode pg.23) (Actual Setting pg.25) Read the section Disabling Optimization of Crossfader midi messages ... I dealt with the same exact thing once I got my sx2 and was terrified because there were no settings that would make any adjustments at all but this for sure works and I've been using my sx2 every week since Christmas with no issues after changing that setting

    Also Nick it does occur the same way in SV before changing that setting within the controller
  • Thanks - I wasn't aware of this setting.
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