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Instagram feed like Twitter feed using Quartz

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Just a thought......Using quartz composer (which I suck at) can you get an instagram feed like you do with twitter. Instagram uses hashtags as well. And I heard people using the JQuery plugin to get instagram feeds to their website. If anyone knows anything on this....I would be willing to donate to the cause. ;0)



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    In theory, I think this could be done.
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    This would be cool... you know people from the event would take a million pictures and upload them if they were showing on the video projector feeds...
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    Gave this a quick try, it's fairly easy to get a feed. Bare basics here:

    Someone with more time could use the existing twitter overlay and mod it to use this feed instead, with an extra sprite for the pic.
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    I've been trying to get this working. I've been using an app on my iPad to test reaction from the crowd and it's been pretty awesome, but to have this inside ME would be great.
  • How do i get this working? I've got a night coming up which this would be great for?
  • I've had no success with it yet. Would love to get this working and even donate some $$ for someone to work it out ;0)
  • has anyone had luck with this?
  • Grrrrr......Still can't figure it out. I know I've mentioned this before, but if someone wants to invest the time to get this developed I would definitely contribute some $$ for it...Thanks
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    i Got it working :) a lot of work
  • Want to share?
  • I worked on this a while back..could really use some of the Quartz gurus on this to really clean it up like the twitter feed..

    in the url box you'll see the address..jus input your hashtag as instructed below..

    Step 1. Use this feed format:

    Step 2. Replace “HASHTAG” with your desired hashtag. For example, the feed for the hashtag #dogs would be: (note: the # symbol is intentionally left out).
  • also, only people with public profiles will be able to post on the feed. You won't see the user name or avatar posted either. I don't where the part is located within the instagram feed for it work like the twitter feed.
  • as of 9/25/14, something on the instagram side seems to be changed, i can't get my feed to work anymore. Anyone else having the same issue?
  • I've fixed the instagram feed qtz using a different rss feed, but I can't do it all by myself, I can't fix a couple of things since i'm not a programmer, I did my best.

    Please, anyone who knows more about QC and JavaScript have a look at it and fix it. I've attached a link the file with some of the fixes I accomplished, it works but it still needs some work done here and there, i've wrote some notes to make it easier to understand. - needs to be fixed.qtz?dl=0

    To whoever that takes the trouble like me: thanks for fixing it and sharing ;)
  • thanks oscarat50, gonna try poking around tomorrow. I was able to change a few things once i learned where to put the code. will post when we got something good.
  • My IG feed no longer works as well. Hopefully someone can get this going again
  • Is there another download link for the qtz file I'd like to give it a go
  • Any luck on getting this fixed? The only thing big thing i can see is that it is not showing posts for whatever time you input.
  • still nothing... if someone needs the composition I fixed but still needs some work, PM me.
    It basically needs someone who can fix the JavaScript part of the composition.
  • hey can you re-post that QTZ file? I have someone that may be able to fix it as he did a FB & Twitter quartz
  • sure: - needs to be fixed.qtz?dl=0

    hey can you post the Facebook qtz? I can't find it anywhere
  • yeah but you are aware you need to subscribe to service right?
    go to this page and he has a combined Twitter/Facebook or seperate ones
    let me know if you need help setting up
  • sup fellas, so first off thanks for the RSS that Oscarat50 put up... i have a new beta off that script that seems to be working. i have it down to somewhere between 4-6 hours for the window of new posts. it needs some field testing, but i think i got it down.also resized and repositioned the output window so that it doesn't eat up some much real estate on the screen. message me in about a week and ill know more by then.
  • awesome!, please share it whenever you're ready :)
  • dope!! can't wait to see it @DJ_Unknown_
  • @unknown, fresh, any chance of posting the link? i've tinkered a lil bit (i'm not a code person) with the other feed link. i can resize & do all that stuff, but never able to get the feed down to your range of 4-6 hours, or anything other than the whole account feed the whole time
  • Can i get a working twitter, facebook or instagram version of this?
  • Sup fellas, i posted a response a few days ago, but obviously it never posted. So here I go again:

    So after a few tinkering hours and attempts with the above code line, I noted that the reason the posts weren't going up quickly enough was because of the RSS reader being used. The RSS line had to many exceptions and polling issues, therefore it was taking too long to post. I paid a buddy of mine to host a new RSS feed reader on his website and now the posts come up within 5 secs.

    As far as a Twitter and Facebook RSS reader, I know nothing about how those API's work but I have a feeling that they can also be made to work if someone really wants to. (i know they use to work when M.E. first launched the overlay compatibility.

    I will be field testing the Updated RSS feed this weekend. Hopefully theres no more issues
  • @uknown, any chance to upload what you've got working for the IG feed?
  • Hey guys, I can't get the photos to work on the feed. I get the text only. No photo. Is anyone else having this issue? I first noticed it this past Saturday night.
  • Sorry for not checking back.... been a little busy. Yes, I did have luck with the reader. Images and text are working properly and the polling time is down to 6 hours (in other words only posts posted within the last 6 hours will come up).

    As mentioned before, I ended up paying someone to host an RSS reader on their site. It seems instagram changed some API stuff on their end.

    But yes... up and rolling now. I'll have to ask this dude if I can share this new reader as I don't know what kind of traffic his site can or can not handle.
  • Any update on this???
  • yes unknown, any update ? any sharing possible, even if we have to go out and get our own reader on our own site? would be cool if you could share & tell us what line code change would be needed to get the feed back up & running, NYE coming up and would be super dope to have something feasable that we can tweek. thank you.
  • vjxplicit says he is working on one but nothing yet. :(
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    I just created one from scratch, still brushing it up, adding some features.
    Limited to show the 20 most recent posts containing a certain tag.

    Feel free to contact me if you would need it...

    bavoloccufier AD gmail etc...
  • I have one that I worked on yesterday and have it working. It uses a system to pull the photo stream from a #tag. From there the RSS is created to show the stream. The only issue that I have found with this is that it does not pull the previous posts. When you start the script it will catalog all the pics from then on. If anyone is interested let me know and I will post it here.
  • i created an instagram feed quartz. can have multiple pics or just 1 updating. pulls from #tag and refresh rate is based on how you set it
  • I will try and post tonight the steps to do it. It is still working as I was testing it to narrow down the number of posts it will show however that is above my knowledge in quartz. I will post the qtz file and the step later today.
  • totally interested.
  • anyon have any updates?? would definately want to try this out this weekend if possible
  • very cool…would love to test it this weekend.
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    Any updates??? Dont tease us!! haha
  • have you guys tried these guys?
  • It looks promising but I am trying to get the bar owner to pay the monthly fee. All the IG posts are directed towards the bar i spin at.
  • $360/yr minimum for 1 feed, that to me is just crazy when previously the Feature working just fine for free til ig changed their end. that's more than some record pools, believe that and I get a lot more value with song diversity with the record pools than I would trying to get this hack working. I would sincerely love it if one of you guys would share anything of what you've got thank you.
  • Not a fan of monthly fees. Would love a one time buyout option.
  • @MusicVideoMix you have a working quartz file, could you share with us?
  • flyboost is now online... been testing it all morning... very impressed thus far... i agree 29 us per month is a little steep but you should be just passing the buck on to your venues/ clients... for instance i will charge $50 add on per gig.. 7-8 gigs paid off per year :)
  • I have it working at this time. Here are the steps for those who do not want to pay someone like Flyboost for this.

    Let me be clear about a few things before people complain.
    The feed is currently limited to the last 20 posts made to the photostream. If you know API coding (which I don't) you can code the API to pull to a max of 50 posts.
    The stream will not pull any of the previous photos posted to Instagram. It will only upload the photos when they published after you setup the IFTTT Recipe. IFTTT will auto run after you have everything in place. I personally leave mine running all the time so that when I go to the bar it will pull photos that maybe older.

    The upside to this is that if someone posts something that you do not want to have up you can remove it from the feed and it will not come up again.

    The link to my dropbox file is:

    **** I did not create this quartz file. I just edited it to fit my needs. I do not take credit for any of the programming outside of my personal edits made to the file. ****

    1. Create a Flickr account.
    2. Create an IFTTT account.
    3. Create a Recipe in IFTTT to trigger from Instagram when a "New Photo By Anyone Tagged XXXXX" (I am using the bars hashtag to generate my feed) and upload public photo from URL to your photostream. In the upload the following fields should have:

    Photo URL - {{SourceURL}}
    Title - {{Caption}}
    Description - {{Username}}
    Tags - Instagram

    4. After you have created the Recipe you will want to upload a photo with the hashtag you want.
    5. Check your Flickr photostream to see if the photo was uploaded. If not then go to your IFTTT Recipe and click "Check". The photo then should be uploaded to Flickr.
    6. Download and open the quartz file I have posted to my Dropbox URL above. This is not my programming I just modified it for my use.
    7. Goto your Flickr click "You" then "Photostream".
    8. From there click "Edit" and scroll to the bottom.
    9. Right click on the RSS logo that is nest to Subscribe to XXXX photostream.
    10. Click "Copy Link"
    11. Open the Quartz file that you downloaded in Quartz Composer.
    12. Double click on "Instagram Feed".
    13. Click on "WWW Address".
    14. Paste the URL you copies in step 10 into the "WWW Address" value field in the patch inspector.
    15. Save the file.

    The feed should start to show you the last 20 posts in your RSS feed. This will only show the last 20 posts you have. I have been trying to get it to work with more but I have to code the API for that and currently not enough time to make that happen.

    The top banner you can edit. I removed my images from it but you can add your own in there. Just double click on the Non Instagram Items. I have labels what items are where. You will need to edit the settings for your own situation. The resolution is 800X600 so if you want to make it bigger or smaller feel free to do that on your own.

    **** I did not create this quartz file. I just edited it to fit my needs. I do not take credit for any of the programming outside of my personal edits made to the file. ****

  • If anyone knows API programming that can help me then I am all up for Beta testing.
  • dropbox link doesnt work for me.
  • damn one sec
  • thanks will test this evening.
  • @vjeklpse this thing is awesome thanks, my only issue i have is i have to keep clicking check in order for new pictures to upload, Im i doing something wrong? fit keeps saying "run never" until i click check then it post right and it will change to triggered 1 time.
  • The IFTTT receipe will auto run. It is suppose to trigger when people post but I believe it runs every couple of mins to be honest.
  • cool got it working thanks @vjeklpse
  • I'm also having the issue of IFTTT not updating unless I click check ... How can I fix this?
  • Instagram and Twitter Feed for ME is Here. I've been beta testing for Flyboost and their new Quartz Social Feed is awesome. Language filters • Quarantine your in coming stream so you can approve the post before it goes live and so much more. Check out Flyboost's website.

    Easy to setup. Zero Quartz file editing. It just works
  • Used flyboost also,awesome!!
  • I've been using Flyboost and it is amazing! It has been aesthetically pleasing, and it is reliable. So stoked that this is finally here I feel like I've been waiting for forever!
  • I signed up with flyboost a few weeks ago. Nice service. Can't wait for a few more features, ios app etc. If you need Twitter or IG qtz that works. They have it.
  • Just use FLY BOOST. its the s###!!!
  • flyboost +1
  • @vjeklpse

    Any news on how to get IFTTT to update automatically? apart from that. that is awesome, stoked on getting it working
  • also got IFTTT to do the twitter to Flickr same as instagram...

    Can you tell me what Im doing wrong?? It keeps grabbing the wrong photos from my feed.
  • soundinsurgent, I've sent you a pm
  • im stuck creating a recipe, it has 7 steps. Once i have created new photos by anyone tagged, what do i do next
  • sorted....
  • Sorted as well!! And Thanks vjeklpse!!
  • hi guys, how do i improve the quality of the images, as the all seem to be very low
  • I've been messing around and all my images are pretty sharp.
  • ok, ill see how it goes
  • Tried FlyBoost for the first time last night at Universal. They totally loved the "control" aspect of it (especially for being Universal, as everything is kept locked on clean mode). Never set it up at home or anything. So last night was the first everything. Get it going, running and on screen. It was actually very easy! Didn't need any help at all. That "bad words" list tho - it's on point.

    Hit up ELUSIVE fo sho!!!
  • pop, its I just got this code working...few bugs but it works.!
    Above the instagram logo it has some random numbers and can I get that removed? anyone get it working 100 percent?
  • the random letters are the names of the picture files, you can rename them manualy
  • Hey Guys, I'm just reading up on all the work you guys have put into this project specifically vjeklpse, djfunkyt and Dokumentary to name a few. I've taken what was provided and tweaked it a little more. The .qtz now supports 16:9 and looks very similar to what is doing...only FREE, hehe! I added djfunkyt's swear word replacement idea and fixed the poster's user name issue. I'm going to leave all my details in the .qtz how i'm testing so you can immediately see how it looks when loaded in ME.

    When you follow vjeklpse's awesome tutorial above on IFTTT/Flickr RSS you should be up and running in no-time. The testing Hashtag I'm using for this .qtz was #happy.

    There is still so much more we can do with this idea and I wanted to get this back in everyone's hands as fast as possible...please let me know what you think and big THANK YOU for all the work everyone put in to get us this far!

    RSS Feed.qtz Feed.qtz?dl=0
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    The one above is for Instagram...

    "Twitter" IFTTT Recipe to use with RSS Feed.qtz
  • Finally finished... Twitter feeds will now displays only a small user avatar and Instagram feeds will now only display the Large picture. Basically, one or the other since I'm unable to source the user avatar for Instagram users in flickr. It scary just how much it work's so like, lol!
  • @vjblaze...dope!
    Can't find my way around in QC. Could u help a bredren out, if I give you my twitter/Insta handles?
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    I promise it's really easy...but first you will need to download "graphics tools for xcode.dmg" here: Xcode Create an Apple Developer Account if you haven't already.

    I've also labeled everything inside the .qtz container that will need changed.
  • Cheers....i'll give it a try!
  • is any one else having issues will the 16:9 ratio as i am
  • Thinkin maybe someone shut vjblaze down?? Links were good this morning now there all dead.......
  • Nevermind link is up....weird, it didn't work a while ago.
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    Haha not shutdown yet...the project is all open source anyway.

    @Ganzi are you still have aspect ratio problems?
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    Keep in mind that your computer screen is probably not 16:9...any differencet in aspect ratio can be made up in ME with a boarder effect.
  • edited April 2015
    I really have to take that last comment back...if you're using a 15" or 13" MacBook Pro your screen is probably 16:10 so at full screen you would see the difference.
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