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Let's Share FX Presets

edited March 2015 in MixEmergency
Was wonderig if any of you guys won't mind sharing some of your FX Presets, especially that of the FX Sequencer and Mixer FX. You'll be doing some of us a huge favour.

Only have 4 Presets for FX Sequencer out of 72 possible presets. Will share a link for the 4 that i have.

Simply export the presets you want to share, upload to a site and share the DL link.


  • ME have made it very easily to export and import presets... Follow the below steps:

    Importing and Exporting Presets

    To export a preset:
    1.Right-click on the preset you want to export.
    2.Select Export Preset.
    3.Enter the name that you wish to save the preset as.

    To import a preset:
    1.Right-click on the preset you wish to replace.
    2.Select Import Preset.
    3.Navigate to the preset that you wish to import.

    You can also drag a preset file from the Mac OS Finder onto the Preset List to import it.

  • Would be awesome, I'm just getting into this and it would be great to have a couple to see the work flow..
  • WalWal
    edited March 2015
    DL Link for my FX Sequencer presets

    Pls share yours even if it's just 4 or less presets...

    @jsgwiz, do u have some?
  • building next week
  • Sounds dope. I'm going to check these out .....
  • Hi guys wish i had some to share too, unfortunately i don't.

    i'm seriously out of my my depth with ME3.

    Someone needs to start releasing "packs" for these things.
    "House FX Sequence Pack",
    "Electro Dance FX Sequence Pack"
    "Urban FX Pack"

    Just the way Mad Zach at with all his Ableton sound packs.
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