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Using command keys on laptop

edited February 2015 in MixEmergency
Is there a way to midi map a command on my laptop to drop video files into output a/b without draggin or dropping it in the bank?


  • If there are files in your Media Bank, you can MIDI map the items in the Media Bank (1 through 16) to MIDI controls. When one of these are triggered, it will load the file to the channel that is not currently visible.
  • Can I midi map my keyboard short cut on my laptop as well to laod just a video file into ME, like the same way I load tracks in Serato ?
    For example, "command <" would be for left deck
    "Command >" would be to load a track on right deck,

    So is there a way to midi map my keyboard using this same type of command to Load video files into ME?
    I would like to use this type of similiar commands on my keyboard for ME
  • No, there isn't a way to do this at the moment.

    It gets a little difficult in this situation because in general, you have Serato DJ/Scratch Live as the currently focued application. In addition to this, there is an option in MixEmergency that forwards keyboard keystrokes through to Serato DJ, so that you can use the short-cut combinations no matter which application has focus.
  • man, i hope they add this keyboard shortcut combo in the future so i can customized the short cuts without having to use my mouse
  • I made a custom Program in Sonic Logic and use it with my iPad to control things like can map every main feature in mix emergency...
  • edited April 2015
    thanks djjamalot, do you have an updated link to this program?
  • It's an awesome tool I've been using this since version 1 of the app myself and really enjoy using it I have different mappings for ME SSL & SDJ it runs with bluetooth 4.0 or via the audio midi setup included in OSX over wifi ... It's easy to map and adjust just make sure that you don't have midi signals that conflict with the output of your control device like a rane mixer or pioneer controller ... Personally I map on channels 15 & 16
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