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Twitter Overlay Fix for v1.1 API

edited June 2013 in MixEmergency
This fix is for VJs who make use of the Twitter Overlay quartz composition.

Since 11th June 2013, Twitter is made the v1 APIs obsolete and has caused probably all our twitter overlays to stop functioning.

The reason is that they want us to use v1.1 API calls, and that involves some form of authentication. This makes life very hard for us Quartz Composition users, as this authentication process in QC is a tough nut to crack.

There are probably a few ways around this problem, and I have found one that works for me for the time being and I thought I would share it with the community.

Note: The RSS feed codes were NOT written by me, the QC template that I am sharing was derived from the template that Vjbabylove shared previously.


  • Overall Concept:
    1) Create an rss feed on a web hosting service, and perform the authentication there.
    2) Extract the rss feed from the host using our Quartz Composition.

    What You Need:
    1) A web hosting service (for me, it’s my website)
    2) Quartz Composer (download ‘graphics tools for xcode.dmg’ here: Xcode -) You will need to create an Apple Developer Account.

    First, you will need to go to:
    and download the pacakge that I have prepared by clicking on:
    For Video Deejays: Quartz Composer Twitter v1.1 API Fix

    There are 2 folders in the package:
    1) twitter (contains files you need to edit and upload to your host)
    2) qc (quartz composer file)

    Step 1: Creating the RSS feed (how to use the ‘twitter’ folder in the package)
    The instructions and code are adapted from the following website (I did minor alterations to the code call functions), so credit goes to the author of the page and the sources mentioned in there:

    Here’s a modified extract from the website of what you should do:
    1) Go to

    2) Log in with your Twitter name and password

    3) Click on the create a new application button

    4) Provide a name, description and a URL for the application (the URL is just where people can find out about your code). You can leave the Callback URL blank

    5) Accept the terms and complete the captcha and you will be taken to the settings pages for your application.

    6) Go to the settings tab

    7) Select Read only as the application type and update the settings.

    8) Go back to the details tab and click the “create my access token” button at the bottom.

    You will now have a page with a number of codes, you will need to copy the values for:

    Consumer key
    Consumer secret
    Access token
    Access token secret

    9) In the package that you have downloaded, there is a folder called ‘twitter’. Within that folder, there is a ‘keys’ folder, which contains a file called personal_keys.php. Open it and edit it using a text editor. Replace the dummy values with the ones you copied above.
    Also replace the domain where you will be hosting the feed. (eg

    10) Upload the entire ‘twitter’ folder to your web site (eg I end up having

    11) Test the feed by entering the appropriate URL into Internet Explorer e.g.

    Step 2 (Modifying the QC file)
    Using the Quartz Composer EDITOR, open the quartz composition file in the qc folder.

    There is only one item that you need to modify in the qtz file. Follow these steps:

    1) Double click on the box called ‘Twitter Live Feed for ME’.

    2) Click On the box called ‘WWW Address’.

    3) Click on the button ‘Patch Inspector’

    4) Enter your hosting service address where you uploaded your twitter folder eg.

    5) Close Quartz Composer and drag your updated qtz file into ME.

    Your twitter feed should be good to go now.

    NOTE: Twitter limits the number of requests per 15 min block, and I appear to exceed this limit. Hence, the feed tends to stop once in a while (when the limit is exceeded), until the next 15 min block.

    I’m messing around with the refresh interval values now, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
  • Followed these directions exactly and it seems to be working fine for the first 10 mins or so. I sent 3 test tweets and had someone else send one. The first 2 came through fine then the 3rd never came through. Everything is working right with QC and ME but I noticed that my RSS stopped updating properly. I tested the feed using Reeder app (Appstore RSS reader). I saved your quartz unchanged and when I open in QC your feed comes up right away. Then I close and open the quartz that I changed to my RSS feed and it doesn't work or it takes about 5-10 mins to start updating. Also, I guess the option to pick up hashtags only is not available anymore but this will work fine. I'm gonna check that I uploaded the Twitter folder to my website properly and test again.
  • That's likely to be because you exceeded the max number of requests (15 requests per 15 min interval). And it's prob cos u were changing settings or running more than one session (quartz composer plus ME) during your testing. If u run only one session, it shd last u just fine for a refresh interval of 60 secs.
  • Yep! I'm pretty sure that was the problem. It also didn't play well (QC) when I had your original quartz and my updated one (using my feed) open at the same time. Seems to be working pretty well today but It can be intermittent. I'm making one now that has a different layout. Maybe you can help me clean it up once I get it close to how I want it to look. Thanks again for the v1.1 fix.
  • And, let me know if you have any ideas on fixing the refresh interval issue.
  • One more thing. Do you know if images save inside the quartz? I know videos do not because you have to link file path.
  • Ok, so I made a new layout using some of the original QC's and credited some of the peeps who have worked on this project. Follow all these guys on Twitter. And MAJOR props goes to @dj_funkyt.
  • Glad you sorted it out.

    With regards to refresh interval, try a value of 70. I think it should run fine with that value, though I haven't had time to do extensive testing.

    Image do save inside the qtz file.

    Will check out your new layout, thanks!
  • I have updated my Quartz Composition with 2 changes:

    1) Removed the [bracketed name] in the tweet (it's redundant cos we already display the name next to the tweeter's picture)
    2) Added a way to filter swear words.

    This new composition is updated in my package at:

    It's an additional file in the twitter folder. The file name is:
    DJ Funky T (Twitter 43) Template v02 (with language filter).qtz

    Instructions on how to add your own swear word filters (you need Quartz Composer):
    1) Open up the qtz file in Quartz Composer
    2) Double click on the box titled 'Twitter Live Feed for ME'
    3) Double click on the box titled 'Tweet'
    4) Double click on the box titled 'Render in Image'
    5) You will see a note there which I posted, where a 'String Replace' box is implemented. What this box does is to search for instances of the word 'fuck' in a tweet, and replace it with the word 'fish', when displaying it.
    6) You can change the word that you want to search for, and the word that you wish to replace with, by:
    a) Clicking ONCE on the 'String Replace' box,
    b) Clicking on the 'Parameters' button
    c) Replacing the 'Search String' and 'Replace String' in the parameters box.

    If you want to add more words to replace,
    8) Click on the 'Patch Library' button
    9) Locate the 'String Replace' function.
    10) Drag the 'String Replace' function into the project
    11) Fill up the 'Search String' and 'Replace String' parameters for this new box.
    12) Connect the input and outputs of this box as part of the program chain.
    eg. String Replace --> String Replace (new) --> String Truncate

    Let me know if you encounter any problems or if anything is not clear.
  • hi guys.

    Can any one help me please. I have completed the bit within twitter and got my access tokens etc etc.

    saved it within the personal_keys.php file, and uploaded the whole twitter folder to a free web hosting server (

    I've put the url ( into the qc file
    yet it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

    at the point of throwing my mac across the room right now so any help would be appreciated please

  • I just tried to open the URL in my RSS reader and nothing came up. Try it in yours and see if it works. I use Reeder (Mac App Store). There are free ones online and in the App store.
    Check to see that your keys are entered properly and re-upload. Also did you upload the entire folder? You may have to use a different browser. I had to DL Chrome when uploading to GoDaddy because it wouldn't allow me to upload an entire folder using Safari or Firefox. Just individual files.
  • i uploaded it via Yummy FTP lite

    The reeder app doesn't let this feed work either :/
  • I felt pretty lucky when I got it to work the first time. All I can tell ya is, it does work. I'm not that techy when it comes to FTP and all that. Maybe the server doesn't allow RSS or has a different way of going about relaying it? You could try a free Wordpress maybe. I'm kinda talking outta my ass tho since I don't really know. Hopefully djfunkyt can weigh in.
  • i'm the same. I appreciate the attempt at the help though and thanks for the freebie QC bits, as and when i can figure out getting the twitter feed into the QC i will definitely be making use of them.

    Any one else got any ideas ???

  • Hey this looks really good. Have you tried this with more than 10 people trying to write comments?? I had an issue when making the facebook qtz that with the free cheaper websites the site would keep crashing. I am currently working on one similar to facebook at the moment.
  • Hey Phil,

    It is possible that your web hosting server does not support PHP, so you might want to double check that.

    Assuming that it does, this is the error that I get when I try to access your first link:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /www/ on line 635

    Can you double check to ensure that you did not edit the tmhOAuth.php file in the 'php' folder?
  • ok, i just redownloaded and uploaded the php folder to my link and still not working. :S
  • ive uploaded it to my virginmedia webspace too and its comes back with this error

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ')' in /tier-11/pwpstore4/46/phildj/htdocs/twitter/rss.php on line 61
  • Ok guys, I've updated my package at:

    I've added a change log in the 'qc' folder which shows the changes that were done each version. Current version stands at v03.

    Changes and instructions for v03 are in the following locations in the quartz composition:

    Avatar Image Resolution fix:
    Twitter Live Feed for ME -> Picture & Background

    Author/Tweeter's name fix:
    Twitter Live Feed for ME -> Author

    Instructions on how to modify Text Scroll behaviour:
    Twitter Live Feed for ME -> Tweet -> Render in Image
  • Phil,

    Post a link to your virginmedia webspace so we can test it.
  • hi guys.

    I had my dad pop the files up on a website he looks after just to test it

    This is accepted in reeder. but does not return any feed ?

    any ideas.
  • Hi Everybody.
    What if i don't a website ?
    How do i set the rss feed?
  • I Mean,what if i don't have a website,is there any other way to get the twitter feed working?
  • yeah use the face book one haha
  • It's pretty easy to get a free website. My site is basically just hosting my RSS feed. I haven't had the time to set up anything yet.
  • any link dokumentary? want to get a free website just for that rss feed also...

  • well since we're waiting on the Twitter RSS, I found this for Intstagram RSS feed with Hashtags..just need to figure out a way to display the author of the IG posts..

    "Instagram has a publicly accessible RSS API, it's hard to find any information about it, but it works for tags (we do use it).

    For tags the syntax is the following:
    I'm not sure whether they have something similar for users' feeds, as I've said it's really hard to find information about it and it may disappear from a day to another in favor of the official API, but right now it works for tags.

    Here's an official blog post about it (although it covers only tags):"
  • I'm a little puzzled. I set everything up as instructed and have the RSS feed working ( However, when I put it into QC it doesn't work. DJ Funky T's works just fine and when I sub mine in, it stops and goes blank. Any thoughts?
  • DJ Draco, send yourself a tweet and put your twitter name in there. I'll try it too
  • Yep, It works fine. You just have to have something in your feed. I made a qtz for you DL here.
    DL the font here.
  • the DL link. It didn't show up as a link in the previous post.
  • Haha, dude I'm an idiot. On my last one I had it set to retrieve messages from 72 hours previously and forgot to change it in this one. Thanks for catching my goof.
  • It's a common mistake ;) glad u guys got it sorted out.
  • Dude, I did that the other day and actually tweeted DJ Funky T and asked him if his was working cuz mine wasn't for the same reason. Hahahaha...
  • Lol!

    Mayhaps I should include a 'common mistakes' file in the package..
  • haha. wouldn't be a bad idea. I saw where you guys said how to remove the '@' symbol from the authors name but what's the method to removing the bracketed name? I think it was said before, but it is certainly redundant to have the name listed twice.
  • Go back to DJ Funky T's site and DL the newest Template v03. He added String Scanner and Subrange patches so it doesn't have the redundant author name in the actual tweet now.
  • I'm gonna post some new designs tonight or tomorrow that will include all the changes since v01. They're all based on v03. Unless Funky T has a v04 coming soon.
  • Yeah I have 03. Was looking through it trying to figure out how he removed the bracketed name. As fast as he's been putting out revisions I wouldn't be surprised to see an 04 soon.
  • here is an RSS feed for Instagram I use. Shouts to funky t, Clint, Dockumentary and everyone else who has been working on this for a minute. If you the Quartz gurus can improve on this, please do and share! thanks!!
  • thats sick. got mine setup quick and easy. thanks. wonder if theres a way to maybe show comments or likes?
  • found out a drawback. this applies to my account as well as a lot of other people i know whose accounts are set to private. the rss feed won't acknowledge their IG's unless their accounts are changed to public. any thoughts?
  • you know what, I was wondering about that too. Thanks for the update. I guess that is a drawback unless someone can work that out.
  • Hi everybody.
    I followed all directions here,and when i try to check if the feed works( i got this message:

    {"errors":[{"message":"Bad Authentication data","code":215}]}

    verify_credentials connection failure
    am i doing something wrong?

    how do i fix this?

  • Not 100% here but I'm thinking it has to do with your keys being wrong. Just my guess since its saying the authentication is wrong.
  • I've also tried using a 'username' rss feed. However, that will only retrieve IG's I made not ones I was tagged in. So it looks like it would come down to telling users to make profiles private or discovering some way to get into people private accounts (probably against IG's policy).
  • Security Fix:

    I've updated the Twitter package to v03a, with the inclusion of a blank index.html to all folders, to prevent unauthorized access to the twitter folders on your server from a web browser.

    There are no changes to the QC template.
  • Thanks for this. It's working great.
    How can I change the QTZ to a WS format? When I go fullscreen in ME it chops off the bottom.

    Thanks again.
  • What do you mean by WS format?

    The template is 4:3 aspect ratio - perhaps your screen is 16:9 and that's why it's cut off at the bottom?
  • Yes, I would like to know how to make it in 16:9 format and not 4:3
  • I think I might have one in 16:9, will post it up if i have it.

    meanwhile, Dokumentary - can u help djpuma with the 16:9 QC if you have it?
  • i posted one up in the serato forum..i hope that helps
  • you posted the one with the txt way down with the grey box right?
  • I tested it out and it doesn't work that well. The texts and icons are all off.
    Thanks for trying.
  • Just change the aspect ratio in the lower left corner of the Viewer box inside QC then export and rename. (File > Export). It's a drop down list so click on it and change from 4:3 to 16:9.
  • Oh... You might have to move some elements around. I'll take a look in a little bit.
  • I thought I released a quartz using DJ Funky T's v03a. I guess I didn't. I'll make sure to post one tomorrow. Gotta get ready for my gig now. In the meantime, Check out my new Twitter feed with pictures here.
    Should be ready by early/mid next week.
  • Dope!!!!
  • Thanks a ton for the writeup and content. I've got it running successfully, but the rss only shows people who are tweeting *to* me (@SanDiegoCOE). Is there any way to show what I'm tweeting instead?
  • edited July 2013
    (Duped post)
  • acbaldwin,

    you just need to mention yourself in your tweet

    @SanDiegoCOE yo this is the dj speaking
  • acbaldwin,

    If you want your tweets to show up, but don't want to write your Twitter handle every time, you should subscribe to VJ Xplicit's website and use his Twitter feed. It's dope!
  • djpuma,

    I've updated my package to include a 16:9 version.

    Let me know if it works for you.
  • Thanks Funky T!!!
  • I'm using dokumentary's blue JS twitter feed with paid hosting at vjxplicit's site. Thanks to everyone for this really cool project. Couple questions:
    I am able to create motion graphics in Final Cut, and save them as transparent video files with an alpha channel. So i could create a lower third, i.e. for a twitter feed - but it would be a .MOV file with an alpha channel. How easy is it to simply open these in QC, and save them in a quartz format? Is that practical, or should the graphics/elements just be created in QC in the first place? I'm on OSX 10.6.8 so unable to try this myself in QC.
    Also - using the feed, i get a blank one in the rotation. is it possible for the feed to make itself disappear in ME, instead of showing a blank one in the rotation?
    thanks again
  • nevermind, - instead of the links above, the new quartzs are at These worked great for me.
  • This worked perfectly for me for @DJBlindMethod mentions. Anyone have any ideas on how to use the RSS fee to capture other accounts or hash-tags? A lot of my clients whether night life or weddings/corporate want to advertise some of their own stuff.

    Thanks in advance...and amazing work DJ Funky T and affiliates...
  • So I signed up for VJ Xplicit's site to host my feed and I downloaded all of the new quartz's but where do I go from here? When I open them up in quartz composer it asks me what is the "url".
  • Problem solved. VJ Xplicit contacted me and I am up and running. Very patient dude, he is the man. Amazing work!
  • Ok so i have craeted a website and uploaded that twiiter file on to it......How do i now create the rss feed? somebody/anybody HELP
  • djslimsmallz,
    The rss.php file in the twitter folder IS the rss feed.
  • This has already been answered a few times in this feed if you read back. You need to send a tweet mentioning yourself. And as far as using hashtags, no, nothing yet. This will only fetch tweets to your twitter handle.
  • So I totally feel like a n00b here, but i've also followed djfunkyt's steps listed above, and I'm not getting any domain is thru, I paid for hosting thru, I am able to connect via FileZilla to the FTP and uploaded the twitter folder, but when I go to djfunkyt's site it gives you XML data, mine doesn't, I think i'm doing something wrong but don't see it, any help would be appreciated
  • Thanks. Got it all working, just have to test it out tonight.
  • BTW, what is the safety protocol is some jackass posts something you don't want on the screen ???
  • cannot get this working, after iv edited the file and uploaded to the website etc, then if i type in the url theres no feed,
    im comfortable with quartz bit, just need a working feed. iv used another method using google script but can only get tweets from myself and not tweets by other people to me.

    can anyone help?
  • Where can I find the most updated info on installing the Twitter feed quartz fo ME?
  • i'm trying the rss feed.
    here is the link i get this error message.

    {"errors":[{"message":"Rate limit exceeded","code":88}]}
    verify_credentials connection failure
  • was considering using vj explicits thing, but reading that its not working.
    any help appreciated.
  • edited May 2014
    my feed aint diplaying handles (@) and hashtags

    Dokumentry or djfunky
    could you please check my rss feed, i'm getting a error come up
  • @phidj mine is working perfectly, have you renewed your membership? contact VJxplicit I'm sure hill fix it for you
  • no need for membership this is the hosting on my own website, but I'm getting an authentication error come up
  • edited April 2015
    Hey Everyone, I've been trying all the solutions to display social feeds, but found they have another cool idea with using IFTTT/Flickr RSS Feeds at the link below. I've edited vjeklpse's .qtz and added djfunkyt's swear word replacement and tried to make it look as close to as possible. There is still a lot of improvements to be made, but I think this a step in the right direction.

    RSS Feed.qtz (Download) Feed.qtz

    IFTTT/Flickr RSS (Tutorial)
  • edited April 2015
  • The one above is for Instagram...

    "Twitter" IFTTT Recipe to use with RSS Feed.qtz
  • @vjblaze

    it doesn't quite line up the @ names in the right place
    this is mine that i made a while ago
  • just realised i'm using a different quartz to you, so maybe the info it pulls and displays are slightly different
  • Hi philDJ,

    Yes, you're right'll have to use the recipe's i created in order for the names to aline, but thats an easy fix in the composer when you would like to keep your recipe's

    Use the links below to add to your IFTTT account or search vjblaze.

    "Instagram" IFTTT Recipe to use with RSS Feed.qtz

    "Twitter" IFTTT Recipe to use with RSS Feed.qtz
  • Props to everyone that worked on the QTZ. I just managed to get it working.
    Does it look out for swear words?
    Any way i will keep an eye on my flickr via my mobile phone/ipad when djing because i know some "ignorant" folks will wanna act ignorant.

  • ^ one major tool, within the QTZ file is string replace, so you can put in a load of words you don't want and what you want them to change to. that however does not work with the pictures.
  • Hi PhilDJ, I will look for that. Hope its a simple edit process.
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