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typing and centering a short paragraph in m.e.

edited July 2015 in MixEmergency
is there a way to type in m.e. like this,

2.00 drinks til midnite
Happy Bday Joey


  • Yes the way to do it is when typing ... Hold down option when pressing enter and it will give you he desired effect
  • learn something new everyday :D

    any chance of being able to centre the text?
  • Unfortunately I haven't figured that one out yet but I use spaces to do my best and then save the preset to one of my banks ... Also for drink specials and such (pretty much anything but shout outs) if it's a recurring spot that I'm at and the specials tend to stay the same I'll make a qtz file that I can add many more elements to and reserve the text overlay for shout outs or "announcements" like "1/2 price shots for this song" type stuff
  • thanks alot guys!!!
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