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serato video Vs ME

edited August 2015 in MixEmergency
right then, playing videos 4 nights a week on SV, should I go to ME!! hmmm..


  • Well, I'm biased, I would say 'yes' ;)

    You can download the demo and try it out - then check out the CPU usage/quality/features/etc.
  • While SV has made some improvements in the past year the features found in ME are more plentiful and sophisticated.

    That being said, if you are popping and slamming videos with no need for fancy overlays or effects you can get by with SV.
  • HaHa Nick!!

    having had biblical crashes in the early stages of SV, then for it to run fairly smoothly & recently to start crashing again by editing font/colour/text is not fun.. :/
  • I would 1000% say to go with ME there really is no comparison between the two ME is lightyears ahead of the game and regardless of what machine you're running you'll see an improvement in CPU usage while using ME ... ME also has a lot better output than what SV has ... The effects are second to none and the ability to use text overlays picture overlays and qtz overlays all at the same time (If you wanted to) without taxing the hell out of your system are enough to make the switch ... Also within ME you have custom Effects and Transitions that you can make which SV will more than likely never have
  • 1000%, wow.. re the overlays, I'm researching that the HAB codec is required, is this essential within the sample player??
  • Its the HAP codec and that is only required when using H.265 (Hap) encoded files in your sampler which does help when triggering video samples for sure ... You can use with sampler without the Hap codec by loading standard h.264 encoded files
  • fx grid.
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