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Best demo of MixEmergency 3 ?

edited December 2015 in MixEmergency

I am looking for a link to a video that would show the best demo of MixEmergency 3 in use. I am having a hard time finding any demos (probably because youtube blocks most demos of video mixing).

Thank you!


  • What are you looking to see, in particular?
  • Just a good video demonstration of a DJ using MixEmergency 3 (all the specific effects that are an improvement over Serato's Video features)
  • Ok - I don't know of any videos that show off a lot of these features. Often they're not all used at once during a mix. If you want to try these out though, you can download the free MixEmergency demo and check out all the effects for yourself.
  • Okay, I do not own a mac yet but maybe I can get a hold one of one to test it out. I am currently using Serato Video on a PC.

    Thanks Nick!
  • Here's a good example of some of the effects, sequencer & sample player being used by Crooklyn Clan's DJ Nak
  • Thank you DJBabyBoy303. That was a good demonstration of some of the effects of MixEmergency 3 that I can't do with Serato Video.
  • Here's another good example of some of the effects, sequencer n sample player used at once durin' a mix.

  • edited March 2016
    Dope one dude...where can I get those afrobeat extendz n remixes thx? Play lots of afrobeat but it's nearly impossible to get edits n extendz for them...
  • Got the afrobeat video extendz n edits from
  • Thx dude, just signed up and loving it already...finally Afrobeat video pool with a great can even preview...
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