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Media bank question

edited December 2016 in MixEmergency
Hello ! How can i switch several visuals one after another from my media bank over main video output (master out) while i am mixing two videos ..player A and player B (scratch ..or beatmix)
i use akai apc40 and want to switch with my right hand ...i need that many times during my live set.

Till now i was on virtual dj and there is option to load clips over main video screen do not need to load vizual into empty player A or B also i can put loop or beat sync mode there and in sampler ...if i use player A or B i don't need media bank ..(only to see thumbnails?)
i can play vizuals just like ordinary music videos right from my crate .

i am vj and video deejay i need that and i think many video deejay would like to use that ...if i have huge media bank like in ME .i don't need to carry another laptop to use resolume or grand vj .

many thanks !


  • I'm not sure I understand everything correctly, but:

    1) You can only load the Media Bank to the non-faded channel.

    2) Perhaps you could use the Sample Player for this instead?

    3) There is something coming in the next version (3.2) that might help you a little, but I can't say any more than this, sorry.
  • I will try to make video to show you .
    I am video deejay and i never use audio files .
    I know i can use sampler ..i use sampler for video audio files and its great .But it has only 8 x4 bank
    Media Bank is perfect because i can fill 16 windows x12 with my vj clips just like in resolume ) All i would like to do is : play 2 videos at the same time ..during my both music videos goes to the main screen i would like to have option to play vizuals over that (i want to fast switch between my hundred visuals ) if i load video to player A i must load vizual to player B and if i want to see that VIZUAL on the main screen i need to move crossfader to player B
    .and in that moment i lose signal (picture and sound) from my player A ? ...but i want to see both on my music video and my VIZUALl over it.. important thing is that vizuals lasts from 1 second to 1 minute .who can mix it that way ? i must prepare my next music video ..!
    it is very simple ... maybe in the future to add Right click on vizual in media bank and choose (Master out)(loop)(play once)(beat reactive) for media bank just like for the sampler :)
    If you have not predicted such an option than i can't further speek about my wish :) sorry for my bad English..but i hope it's better explained .
    Regards Vj Partyman
  • hi bro, i read your post and i think you should record a short video with your phone explaining what you want to do :)
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