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Mac Book Pro 2015 vs 2016 graphics?

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Everytime I do a simple search for "Intel Iris Pro Graphics" or even simply Mac Book Pro I get a list of posts and they don't have what I'm looking for.

My question is this. Seeing that the new MBPs have third party video cards and the 2015 MBPs that are currently available have Intel Iris Pro Graphics cards, how much of a performance advantage is having say, a Radeon?

I know that GPU acceleration is king, but does that mean the Intel Iris Pro Graphics can't do GPU acceleration since it's not it's own processor and is using the CPU instead? Am I wrong at assuming this?

Thanks ahead gang.


  • Both can do GPU-accelerated video decoding. The advantage of a discrete GPU is that it is often a lot more powerful, and can handle more work via MixEmergency when it is adding effects that need more processing (for example, Blur filters require a lot of processing power).
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    I prefer 2016 graphics. But I think that this difference is not so big
  • I had a 2015 MBP with the 2gb Radeon and had nothing but problems with that machine even just running SDJ & ME nothing more ... I now have the 2017 MBP with the 4gb Radeon and this machine takes absolutely anything that I throw at it including running SDJ, ME & Arena all outputting to 1080p ... If you are able to get a 2016/2017 MBP with the dedicated graphics card I would definitely do so over the 2015 as I've had several other friends that have had issues with the 2015 machines as well.
  • @DJBabyBoy303 that's good to know that the 4gb GPU 16/17 MBP works well. My current machine the mid 14 MBP with 2gb GPU struggles if Resolume is added into the mix.

    Any issues with dongles /usb type C.

    Serato forum is littered with people having issues with the Type C USB MBP with Touch strip. Crashing SDJ on exit, Hot unplugging issues etc.

    How has your own experience been.
  • I haven't had any issues with USB-C or using any dongles ... I have also been switching back and forth between using dongles and also the OWC USB-C dock and they've both been great as far as performance I have had issues with hot plugging on Rane hardware but that's it. Other than the hot plugging though I haven't had any issues with SDJ 1.9.6-1.9.10
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