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mixemergency 3.1 and Twitter feed

edited December 2016 in MixEmergency
I am new to mixemergency I've been reading a lot and trying to figure out this Twitter feed. I've got everything done but Twitter does not wor. my question is do you have to have a website host to get Twitter to work with mixemergency. it looks like before you did not have to use a website host. has anything changed with the mixemergency 3.1 because there's no YouTube tutorials on the new version


  • Twitter changed some things a long time ago that caused issues with the way most people were doing this. Because of this, there is a new/free method (I haven't personally looked into how this works), or you can use a paid alternative (like, or Flyboost).
  • i recommend jammtext dude. Tell em dj culprit sent you.
  • As Culprit mentioned, this can be done with JammText, which supports SMS/MMS, Instagram and Twitter altogether while overlayed on-top of your videos.
  • Definitely look into this. It lets you text and link twitter/instagram posts and photos to a tv screen (or multiple). I've been using it a few months now and love it.
  • yup XPLICIT's ones are dope..even him recommend jammtext now
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