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Kontrol X1 or other Midi Controllers

edited March 2018 in MixEmergency
I know this has been touched on before but I didn't see any definitive answers that I was looking for. I have used the Kontrol X1 to map midi functions for MixEmergency in the past, it is the perfect size, great combination of buttons and knobs etc... Since I upgraded my laptop I have had some issues. Question 1 - does anybody know if Controller Editor has to remain open for the X1 to work even after progarmming, always had to for me (even on older laptop). My new Macbook Pro only has two USB connections and I am using one for my Pioneer S9 and one for my external (don't want to run either of those through a hub) so I had to buy a Kanex thunderbolt to USB / SATA adapter. Wondering if I could be having issues by having the Conroller Editor window open while using and or issues from the Kanex adapter. So... on top of those questions / observations, does anyone recommend a similar MIDI controller they have enjoyed. Thanks in advance.


  • I have the X1 MK1 I don't recall needing to have CE opened to use it. Except you want to change some of the midi messages. ME is so friendly with midi e.g. I don't need to switch some of my controllers to generic midi mode for it to be mapped to ME.

  • If for some reason yours isn't working in the stock settings you can try the midi mode.
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