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Interesting performance effect on Mac

edited March 2018 in MixEmergency
I've noticed something really interesting lately and thought I'd share this in case it's already a known thing.
I'm running a mid 2012 core i5 macbook pro, high Sierra, 16gb ram, serato dj Pro 2.0 and the latest version of ME.
Under normal use with just ME and Serato running and nothing else everything runs as I expect with scrolling text running fairly smoothly but a little bit juddery. However, if I then load a webpage on safari and leave it on in the background, especially if it's got lots going on (in my case it's VJ Street) everything with ME suddenly runs super smoothly. Scrolling text is silky smooth and video playout seems really smooth too, no dropped frames seemingly at all.
It's like increasing the load on the mac forces things to optimise. It seems counter intuitive but is exactly what's happening for me.
Is there something I could set on the mac to force it to run optimally without having to do that? Or have I found something new?
Interested to know what going on...


  • That's interesting. Does it matter whether the webpage is in the background, or minimized?
  • I get the usual little stops and starts as you'd expect when I first load up safari and the website and the cpu load goes right up while it's loading. It's when I'm done. If I don't bother to close or minimise safari or the website and just leave it there behind serato it's then that I've noticed ME goes really super smooth. I always maximise serato again when I go back in to it.
  • Just to add too. If I do close safari after that things go back to normal
  • Also, safari in the background is windowed, not full screen
  • Thanks for the info.
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