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Considering buying an older MacBook Pro to handle new upgrades... need input

So, been a bit since I dabbled in this. Last time this was my career and it was when Scratch Live was still being used and the Rane 57 was commonly used in clubs, etc.
Now... fast forward about nearly 4 years. I recently purchased the Pioneer S9 mixer, got the newer version of M.E. and of course had to adopt the Serato DJ software as well.
Come to find out (Duh) my 2009 MacBook Pro can't handle video like it used to.

So.... Now... I am looking at getting an open box MacBook Pro through best buy for a Mid 2015 model. Not wanting to spend a whole lot of money on what is now a hobby not a career.

Here are the specs for the one I am eye balling.

The video card is an integrated Intel Iris Pro 5200. Can this handle everything?

In a perfect world I would buy brand new, but on a budget with hobbies now.



  • You shouldn't have any issues with this model and basic HD video mixing :)

    There are a few things that you may need to do to get everything working smoothly with the latest versions of Serato DJ Pro though (such as disabling the high resolution screen mode in their settings). Also, following our optimisation guide can help:

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