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How to record with audio from serato dj

edited January 2018 in MixEmergency
Hi, I'm new using MixEmergency and I got ti to record video mixes from serato because serato is not enough. But is giving me and error -1, no audio.
How can I fix this?

Thank you


  • What hardware are you using with Serato DJ?
  • Hello guys. I also have a problem. My hardware Pioneer s1 cannot record a video along with the audio in mixemergency. What could be the cause and solution please?

  • What input channels does it allow on the Record window for MixEmergency (where you get to choose the audio device and check the levels before you record)?

  • I always select pioneer ddj s1 as the input device but unfortunately, the final export doesn't output sound.

  • When you go to record in MixEmergency (where you select the audio device), what channels does it allow you to select (be default these are set to the first stereo pair, 1 & 2).

  • I tried to even change from 1 & 2 to 2 &1

  • What other options do you have there?

  • I now record andio and video separately but it's double!!!!

  • You need to export the recorded file to an audio and video format:

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